PC Gamer: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad hands-on

PC Gamer: In October, I flew to Georgia to play the game I’m lusting over most in 2011: Red Orchestra 2. I spent a full day embedded in multiplayer with the folks at Tripwire Interactive, and I’m happy to claim openly that I think the 64-man WWII-’em-up will be a better, more modern multiplayer experience than anything else currently on or on its way to your PC. It’s generation-leaping stuff.

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Letros2929d ago

Holy crap....everything about this sounds amazing, I cannot wait!

ATi_Elite2929d ago

Red Orchestra is what Call of Duty use to be but taken to it's almost perfected level. The graphics may not be DX11 mind blowing but the sheer quality of the game play is TOP NOTCH.

Can't wait for a release date for this awesome PC exclusive

FantasyStar2929d ago

Sorry, but you're not even close. CoD is a arcade shooter with a weapon counter and regenerating health (well...since CoD2). This...THIS game is ArmA set in WW2. You have no ammo counter, and no way to tell as a tank gunner if you're facing the right direction or even have the turret dialed-in. All you have is knowing if your mag feels heavy or light, you have a compass that tells you which direction you're facing as the gunner. If you're a sniper, you have 2 options as ballistics have been simulated. You don't need to lead your shots like "some" other games. Instead you can dial in your scope like how real snipers do it. Also if you're engaging enemies up close, you can switch to iron sights with a single key instead of hip-firing like 100% of the games on the market today.

ATi_Elite2927d ago

When I refereed to Call of Duty I was referring to The Original call of Duty PC and the QUALITY of gameplay. I did mention Red Orchestra took it to the next level.

In no way was I trying to compare RO to Blops

Letros2929d ago

Soon, Steam has it listed as Q1 2011, but the devs said that is subject to change, I'd say Q2 is a good guess.

Bodster2929d ago

Wow, sounds and looks very promising, looking forward to hearing more :)

Shackdaddy8362929d ago

Red Orchestra is like the ultimate fps for me. It has everything I want.

Xfanboy2929d ago

Might be the most innovative shooter of the year!!

Between Crysis 2, Red Orchestra 2 & Battlefeild 3 Im good for 2011!!

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