PS3 vs Xbox 360 Exclusives – A Comparison

Any gamer will agree that it’s the quality of the games on a platform, not the sales or features of the platform itself, that determine how awesome it is. has decided to compare both the Xbox 360’s and the PS3’s libraries of exclusive titles to determine which console provides a better overall experience.

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Venatus-Deus2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I was orginially going to write "hits hits hits"...

...however as far as comparisons go there has actually been a little effort put into this one.


Conclusion: Get both consoles if you want to enjoy all the games!

Strange_Evil2929d ago

Unless you have a PC.. Then get a PS3 ;)

theonlylolking2929d ago

PC that can run all games max settings.

DualConsoleOwner2929d ago

Unless game is not on PC.

Since everyone has a PC, Xbox serves very small purpose to those who already have PS3.

my 5 year old computer can run higher settings that xbox..

ABizzel12928d ago

My verdict is this. 360 exclusives are fun great games, but PS3 exclusives especially first party are on par with films, they transcend typical gaming, with amazing presentation and production.

bobrea2928d ago

I own a serious gaming rig, a PS3, and a 360. Right now (due to the ridiculous amount of games that I bought over the Steam holiday sale,) my PC gets the most use, followed by my PS3, and then my 360. As a matter of fact, I barely play games on my 360 anymore apart from a random game of Reach here and there. I prefer to play multiplats on my PS3 because I like trophies better than achievements and they are all pretty mucht he same quality at this point. But I do use my 360 to stream things from my PC with TVersity because it is SLIGHTLY faster then doing it to my PS3.

Spydiggity2928d ago

grow up.

a gamer will own as many platforms as he/she can.

Strange_Evil2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

^^^ Or maybe he should get a life and spend sometime out side gaming. I dunno about you, but I can't even finish all the games I have on 2 platforms let alone think about buying other consoles just to classify my self as a 'hardcore gamer'. Family comes first for me above gaming.

And I don't really see the benefit of getting a 360 (even though I own 1) over getting a PC. The only reason I don't have a PC is cause I am moving a lot and can't carry a PC around, other than that next gen I am going for a PC first and then PS4 combination as well. Multi-plats on PC and exclusives on PS

sikbeta2928d ago

Is this really necessary? I could give you the list of PS3 Games, but I'm too lazy too post the huge list XD

edgeofblade2928d ago

I completely disagree with this ongoing attitude that 360 should be penalized for having "exclusives" that appear on PC. There's no logical reason for this except to tear down the 360. Are we penalizing PC in the same way for having games on 360? Why aren't we penalizing PS3 for not having those more widely available games?

And why are we rewarding developers for limiting their fanbase and revenue? For the console war? The only reason for highlighting exclusives in this way is not to benefit PS3, but to discredit 360, and I can only see that as blind fanboyism and Microsoft hatred.

At best, "you can only play it on _____" should be a negative, because it means you have to buy another console. On the other hand, the option of playing it on a console or a PC should be a positive, but, somehow, that weighs AGAINST the 360. It makes NO SENSE. You're the consumer, not the hardware company. Your priorities are way off.

Dark Collosis2928d ago

@Edgeofblade well said my friend. This coming from a owner of all three consoles... And my 2 computers are both over 6 years old now and need some $$ to play new pc games. Which is why i am going to buy a new one for Diablo 3..

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Pixel_Enemy2929d ago

I have both so I don't miss out on PS3 or 360 exclusives but PS3 definitely takes the win in this category. BTW I hated Halo Reach, just traded it in for Black OPS which is also just blah. Can't wait for KILLZONE 3!!!

darthv722929d ago

there is nothing wrong with owning/playing both. Plus, it isnt as expensive doing so like it used to be.

JohnnyBadfinger2929d ago

Funny you say that Pixel...

As a 360 gamer myself, i agree... the game is fail.
However i honestly think Uncharted 1&2 and Killzone 2 are just as bad.

Just because a game is Exclusive... doesnt mean its "AAA"... the purpose of an Exclusive is to push consoles... nothing more.

Pixel_Enemy2929d ago

Every one is entitled their opinion but I loved Uncharted and Killzone2. I was in the KZ3 beta and I can't wait for the release.

Muffins12232928d ago

really,halo reach is acully played online,know one gives a shit about killzone,no one even plays killzone 2 online.Hardly any hype for that game if you compare ti to halo

RockmanII72928d ago

Very few games can stand up to Halo in the hype department.

marichuu2928d ago

I haven't tried Halo Reach yet, and I doubt that I'm going to anytime soon. I enjoyed Halo 3, but that's about it... I didn't exactly LOVE it as most players did.
However, Killzone 2 was really really disappointing for me... I didn't enjoy it at all. I had nothing but frustration with the game. I might be a bad FPS player on a console, but there are only few FPS games that I just hated on a console. One of them is Killzone 2.
Uncharted, however, is just plain awesomeness! Everything is... perfect in Uncharted.

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doa7662929d ago

the opposite of the term exclusive is multiplatform, and PC is a gaming platform, so if a game is released on two platforms is not exclusive

mass effect 1, left 4 dead, splinter cell conviction, final fantasy 14, DC online, these games are not exclusives, THEY’RE ALL MULTIPLATFORMS


RedRedSuitSDF2929d ago

so now it's platforms, and not gaming consoles? LMAO at you guys. ME 1 is a 360 console exclusive. you guys need to stop acting like everyone has the money to have a PC that can run these games on full power.

Consoles have not been changed to platforms by the fanboys for their own devious tactics.

Whoooop2929d ago

Where do people get this idea that you need to run a game on PC at full power to make it look as good as the 360 version???

*scratches head*

doa7662929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


the opposite of exclusive is multiplatform, not multiconsole, PC is a gaming platform

it doesn't matter if the PC necessary to play the game costs 5000 dollars, if it is possible to play Mass Effect 1 without a 360 then it's not a 360 exclusive, it's as simple as that

and for gaming generations the term "console exclusive" has been used by PC gamers, or PC sites or magazines to refer to games that are released on consoles on not on PC

for example you can read on any PC review of Bad Company 2 and they will refer to the first game as a "console exclusive"

HxCGamer2929d ago

hahaha i know right

you could probably find a 30 dollar graphics card that can run games better than the 360

Coffin872928d ago

Fully agreed.

The problem here seems to be: If you are a PS3 supporter, you clearly see your console has like 4 or 5 times the exclusives that the 360 has.
As a 360 fan, you say you have a lot of games that are *console exclusive*.

So if you exclude *console exclusives* from your comparison, fanboyism aside, you are automatically leaning towards PS3, because the PS3's results will be way better.
If you include those, you are automatically leaning towards 360, because the 360's list will be way longer then.

I would just like to remind everybody that this *console exclusivity* was included in THIS VERY GENERATION (PS3/360), namely by Microsoft, because they kept selling most games for 360 *and* PC to make more money, and kept selling this as 360 exclusives.
It was MICROSOFT'S tactic to induce this way of thinking into people's minds.

And people keep asking why the PC is being less respected as a gaming platform!! This is the freaking answer.

Before that, the PC was a legitimate gaming platform, being VERY EQUAL to PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.
An EXCLUSIVE was an EXCLUSIVE when it was EXCLUSIVE, not when it didn't appear on any other platforms that are somehow more compareable to your own than others.

y0haN2928d ago

midnight or whatever your name is:

Mass Effect 1 runs on a calculator at 60 fps, and anyone playing Left 4 Dead / 2 on a 360 controller deserves my sympathy.

edgeofblade2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

This is you, once you think you know what you're talking about.

All I see is a bunch of children rationalizing their nerd-sanctions against Company A in favor of Company B. If you control the definition you can control the argument. That doesn't make you right or wrong. Just an asshole.

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Kran2929d ago

I own a 360. Getting a PS3 in March/April, so im doing just that :D

Pixel_Enemy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

You will be glad you did! I had my PS3 for a few years no and I recently got my 360. I am glad I own both consoles but you would really be missing out this year if you didn't own a PS3.

Definitely get Uncharted 1,2 and 3. Killzone 2 and 3, LBP and LBP2, God of War 3, inFamous 1 and 2. Those are some of my all time favorite PS franchises this gen and I would hate to have missed out on them.

Kran2929d ago

@Pixel_Enemy going to get all of them. Hehe. You listed everything im planning on getting :P

Bathyj2928d ago

I wouldnt bother with LBP. Not with part 2 coming soon.

Everything else he said is right, you can still enjoy UC1 if you have UC2, but with LBP, part 2 just makes part 1 redundant.

JoySticksFTW2928d ago

You can find it dirt cheap, and it really is one of those games that every gamer should get the chance to experience.

To add to Pixel and Leonidas' list

The Ratchet and Clank series
GoW 1 - 3 (GoW 1&2 HD remakes and GoW3)

Gems I love include 3Dot Game Heroes & Valkyria Chronicles (also can be found dirt cheap)

And if you can afford it, get Move with Sports Champions. I mistook it as a Wii Sports throw away title until I played it. That game is crack addictive and the Move is precision accurate when properly calibrated. Then you get a couple of gun attachments & Time Crisis and the Shoot.

And you maybe just the gamer who would beneift the most from a PSN+ account; being that you can take advantage of all of the discounted / free games & dlc without fear of already owning them.

And then...

Dammmnnn! You gonna be broke, Son!

Man, I got pretty fanboyish in this post

"This post was brought to you by Sony PlayStation®"

I want my dough, Sony!

SpinalRemains1382928d ago

Play Heavy Rain and put in a healthy dose of a 5 month P2P Demon's Souls binge!

You will thank us later when you see how truly immersive and variety laden the PS3 is. Whatever your interest, there are games for you. It's not just a FPS box. It only does everything.

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Christopher2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

It's not a bad comparison, by far, though it does forget a few games. Limiting this to just 25 titles makes them look more equal than anything else, though.

jetlian2928d ago

statement was best game in the (series) lol Take the top 20 exclusive and 360 got this in the bag. But that would defeat the six axis site lol

Utilities_Horton2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

@ jetlian -

The list in the article included the score if ALL the highest exclusives were compared. PS3 actually won by a LARGER margain.

Sucks that you didn't actually read the thing.

jetlian2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

it was top in series not top over all. halo reach 91
gears 2 93 they not on the list because they weren't the highest in the series lol

edit TC graw 90 on meta
forza 2 90
left 4 dead 1 89
PGR4 85
VIVA 2 82
hitman blood money 82
fable 3 81
bully 80
ace combat 6 80

Utilities_Horton2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Have another gander at the article sir.

"Gears of War 2 - 93, Halo: Reach - 91, Forza Motorsport 2 - 90, Left 4 Dead - 89, Project Gotham Racing 4 - 85, Halo: ODST – 83 and Viva Piñata 2: Trouble In Paradise – 82, were all cut from the list due to my 'no multiple games from the one series' rule.

If they had been included the average would have been 86.48.

LittleBigPlanet 2 -93, The God of War Collection - 91, MLB 09: The Show - 90, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - 88, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time - 87, Resistance: Fall of Man - 86 and MLB 08: The Show - 85, were all cut from the list due to my 'no multiple games from the one series' rule.

If they had been included the average would have been – 88.12."

So yeah, And ghost recon, test drive, bully and hitman were on PS2, which means no xbox exclusivity.

Ben Dover2928d ago

Jetlian learn to read m8. It might make your comments look less stupid if you take time to actually read an article..

jetlian2928d ago

didn't i say from the same series? I sure did. But I was clearly wrong seem ps3 did win this based on your setup

If its straight top 20 on meta ps3 loses.

Christopher2928d ago

And if it's straight top 25? 30? 35? 40?

Really, you're stretching this really thin with that sort of thinking.

jetlian2927d ago

At the conclusion point they are making full console comparasions As which that is all the system offers so excluding xbla/psn and Multi is a sign you couldn't win

which given this is a ps3 site was a win but truly a fail.

yea well why stop at 20 just using what he had

top 20 on 360 not lower than 92 ps3 91

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blackmagic2929d ago

To be completely honest, all of my favourite games this generation have been multiplats. Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, Assasin's Creed, Portal, Dead Space, etc. Some exclusives I liked also such as Left 4 Dead, Valkeria Chronicles and Demon's Souls and were really good but the supposed 'heavy hitters', Halo, Uncharted, Gears of War, Resistance, Fable, Metal gear were horribly over rated and hyped by both Sony/MS and their fanboys. In my opinion they were extremely safe/simple/vanilla/bland/gene ric etc in both gameplay and story. Sure, the polish was higher than multiplats but they were inferior in gameplay, story, creativity etc. The multiplats this gen have really brought unique experiences to the table which is bizarre because I would have expected the exclusives to be unique when all you are really getting these days are rehash after rehash.

PidgeottosCrew2929d ago

I can agree with you up until the MGS comment.

If Metal Gear is 'extremely safe/simple/vanilla/bland/gene ric, etc', and has inferior 'gameplay, story, creativity, etc' then by God imagine how incredible a non safe/simple/vanilla/bland/gene ric game would be.

I can understand people not liking MGS4, but to call it 'safe' and 'creatively inferior' is ridiculous.

zootang2929d ago

He probably played it on easy.

Thoreau2928d ago

i cannot agree with your assumption that metal gear and resistance are overrated. metal gear solid4 and r1 and 2 are some of my favorite games. i just got back into r2 on difficult and it is pretty fun.....

SpinalRemains1382928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I love multiplats too. AC is my favorite series, but how can you say rehash when you have games like inFamous and Heavy Rain? These games are innovating and making gaming way more fun. Oh... Dante's Inferno was a great multiplat game too.

SONY exclusives are just a little to the left. There's just a different feel to them. When you play them, you cal clearly see that a lot more TLC and attention to detail went into making them. That's why I love them. Uncharted is just beautiful and inFamous is probably the funnest game around. To each their own though I suppose.

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visualb2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

eh...they missed valkyria chronicles o.O?!

its a turn based RPG on PS3, and its 86 on meta (a great score for a great game) on EARTH could he miss that? "PS3 - turn based RPG: None"


its more a turn based RPG than a strategy game

PidgeottosCrew2928d ago

Turn based RPG refers to games like FFX or Dragon Quest. Valkyria Chronicles is categorised as a Tactical RPG, and won many awards including IGN's for Strategy Game of 2008.

BigO2928d ago

PS3 Kids!!!
i have both and my box hasn't been turned on since gears2 got boring...7 months maybe ahahahahahahhaha ah ah ah aha ha ha

SpinalRemains1382928d ago

Same here. I eventually sold mine because I just wasn't using it. I play online for free, and the PS3 just has way way more variey and exclusives. I really dodn't like Halo because it felt like laser tag (which is why I do not care for Resistance either), and I don't like Gears. So after those 2 franchises what is there? Kinect? Please! The 360 is a great console at the core, but the lack of exclusivity really damages its brand.

Vherostar2928d ago

"Out of all the games on the PS3's list, NONE OF THEM can be played on PC or have a sequel that's on the Xbox 360. The closest thing to multi-plaform on the list is the Sly Collection, with the Sly Cooper trilogy available to play on the PS2, though on separate discs and only in SD.

Now how many games on the Xbox 360's list have a PC version or have sequels that are on PS3? 11 - Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Viva Pinata, Command& Conquer 3, Battle for Middle Earth II and Prey are all playable on PC. Sure, they might not be available on the PS3, but how many PS3 owners have a computer of some sort? The answer is 'probably all of them', meaning a lot of gamers have access to these titles without having to purchase an Xbox 360."

Says everything we need to know really or that we already knew anyway.

edgeofblade2928d ago

This is a surprisingly well balanced and well done article. I agree with many of the conclusions, but if you just keep breaking it down and tweaking the rules, you can make these comparisons say anything.

The ultimate problem with the console war is that the people who control the comparison criteria control the war. No one will ever agree at that rate.

But this assessment is above all, fair, even if I disagree that it warrants a definitive conclusion, one way or the other.

IcemanHH212928d ago

Tiberium wars and condemned are also on the PC.

but at the end of the day, if you like GOD3 UC KZ etc go for ps3, If you like HALO GeOW Forza etc go for xbox. simple as that. and of course theres the PC.

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Snake-eater2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

like they say 2011 will only extend the exclusivity margin between the two console even if Sony release half their line up

darksied2928d ago

True, but from what he showed in the article, up to this point they've been about the same (if you don't own a PC). Nice article for a change, how about that?

BUT, next year, yes you're right, ps3 is going to mop the floor with the 360. If MS only focuses on Kinect and Gears 3 and Forza, they're in trouble in a lot of gamers' eyes.

mastiffchild2928d ago

IODK if they've been about the same. It's hard tp tell when they haven't been around for the same length of time so there's little science to the comparison-I just dunno if it was worth doing.

I mean, you choose(unless you buy both) whichever one has the games YOU prefer don't you? If so meta doesn't matter, the number doesn't matter and you'll go with the system with more games to your taste.

If you have a PC capable of matching or beating 360 performance, though, it becomes more likely, barring massive Halo fans, that a PC/PS3 combo would cover more of your needs mainly cos a Sony exclusive tends to stay that way now third party exclusives have nearly evaporated.

I say this but I guess a lot of the reason I play my PS3 more than my 360 is because I like the DS3 a lot better than the 360 pad-so it just shows there's a lot of variables controlling what platform you like best even outside of what exclusive games it boasts.

FrankMcSpank2929d ago

PS3 has 5 times the amount of exclusives that Xbox does. If you want to play games those get a PS3 because you won't find them anywhere else.

Xbox's majority of exclusives that are not on PC or have came/coming to PS3 are Japanese titles that sell very very poorly.

Does this really matter? Most American 360 and PS3 gamers only buy multiplats. Look at GT5 and Alan Wake. Look at GT5 in EU over USA. It's rediculous. 2011 is full of great exclusives, but I am sure most will buy multiplats. I for one, will be buying both.

PidgeottosCrew2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Americans are the majority of buyers behind some of the Xbox's biggest franchises, like Halo and Gears of War.

GT5's European sales are the result of the car-fetish that continent possesses - it's comparable to the Japanese sales of some unknown RPG compared to the worldwide sales. Americans prefer guns, Europeans prefer cars, Japanese people prefer magic spells and clothing that has too many zippers. That's how the industry is.

demonddel2929d ago

my 360 will be fine im not looking foward to nothing on the ps3 except for uncharted 3 the same as im looking forward to GEARS 3 on the 360 [email protected]#k the rest of those games

ksense2929d ago

I have a feeling you will change ur mind during the course of the year once you see the quality of all the other exclusives besides uncharted 3 coming out and there respective reviews. Last guardian? resistance 3? killzone 3? infamous 2 etc... all these games look so much better than the ones before in every way possible and not like a cod sequel with little to no changes.

demonddel2929d ago

i played the previous games to those u mention except for last guardian and i traded them all in after a short time having them i only kept uncharted 2 and gow3 bout to bring gt5 back and see what i can get

thesummerofgeorge2928d ago

demonddel -- It seems your ADD is preventing you from enjoying these awesome games, I feel sorry for you.

demonddel2928d ago

i will be alright george i have a wife i can play with if things get to bad thanks for the heads up though

thesummerofgeorge2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The fact that you gave up on these games long before their climax doesn't bode well for your wife.... Now I feel sorry for her.

cobpswii36002928d ago

Dude. You such a bad liar! You post history is not going anywhere! It proves that your just a troll!

Anyways... Ps3 exclusives are the best games this gen. Some multi-plats, Wii games and PC games are fun/good. But I have sold everything except for my Ps3 exclusives.

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Vherostar2928d ago

"Does this really matter? Most American 360 and PS3 gamers only buy multiplats" in what world are you from? Look at GT5?? 5 million sales so far on 1 single console. You arguement is flawed for logic.I think I know what your trying to get at but your doing it wrong.

GeneGodHand2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Marvel vs Capcom 3,Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem are the only multiplats i am getting the rest are exclusives.

My numero uno is this.

ActionBastard2929d ago

There really is no comparison.