Sony: Games needed in UK education curriculum

Connected Consoles: Sony UK boss Ray Maguire has told audiences at the Learning Without Frontiers conference in London today that "the time is now" to bring games into education.

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sinncross2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Rise Edutainment!!!!!

But seriously... Clank teaching physics would be too cool! lol

Nate-Dog2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Playstations and PS Moves in schools? Wouldn't have minded that myself when I was younger!

On a more serious note (even though surprisingly the article actually does mention that...), here in Ireland schools have been trying to encourage people into the video-game industry for a while now which I found surprising when I was there. There are a huge amount of jobs in that sector at the moment (well, not entirely sure as of right now but there certainly was a year or two ago). Good to see Sony pushing on with this and giving people the chance to do this.

Tony-Red-Grave2836d ago

thanks to gow i was actually interested in greek myth and the gods, though i doubt gow games would be used in school. but this is a good idea games be violent but games are books imo

Malebaria2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Makes sense and I completely agree. Despite all the nay-sayers and doubters the videogame medium is the medium for the 21st century.

GeneGodHand2836d ago

Sony UK boss Ray Maguire has told audiences at the Learning Without Frontiers conference in London today that "the time is now" to bring games into education.

Maguire told the crowd, "We shouldn't wait too much longer. A collaborative effort is absolutely required, it needs endorsement at the highest level, it needs someone in government to say we will do this." He also advoacted game design a career that should be promoted to young people alongside other professions, "There has to be a public and private partnership. Promote digital content creation as a career choice – it shouldn't be 'I want to be a doctor or a lawyer', it should be 'I want to be game designer' as well."

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey was in attendance at Learning Without Frontiers today however Education Minister Michael Gove was absent. Develop are reporting that Vaizey defended Gove's absence by stating ”Michael Gove has met videogame companies and has an open-mind about the games industry."

Sony are keen to get PlayStation Move and PSPs into schools as well as using titles like LittleBigPlanet to aid teaching. "We've already started courses for teachers, student side and school side," Maguire said. "We want to hear from schools and local authorities interested in tackling the issues in front of them."

Nintendo UK stated earlier today "We do not produce products designed for education."

Thanks, GI.

kharma452836d ago

Posting the story in a comment? wut :S

Kran2836d ago

Spose its for those too lazy to click the link. I mean is "clicking" so hard?

kharma452836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Whilst in some ways it would be beneficial I wouldn't really be for it on the curriculum. There's enough colleges and universities that do courses where you can study game design, it's best left to higher education and let secondary focus on core subjects.

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