Hello Avatar Kinct, Goodbye Real Life Social Skills

BT writes: "Planning on throwing away your social life skills, then Avatar Kinect is the perfect tool for you. My biggest problem with Avatar Kinect is that users won’t have to leave their living rooms to pretend that they’re experiencing hanging out with friends at various hot spots."

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drsnobby2928d ago

This piece is unfair,how can the author hold kinect avatar to a different than ps HOME?

Speed-Racer2928d ago

That might be a fair point but it's not just about the environment but the addition of facial recognition that makes the experience more realistic. Also, if you want to talk about PS Home, then you should talk about every single online virtual world while you're at it. Just saying.

drsnobby2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I AGREE WITH YOU!! you cant condem one without the other

velocitygamer2928d ago

Avatar is probably very good if you live far away from friends or family etc. Other than that, it's better to go and meet people face-to-face if they live just down the road. If you can't do that, YOU'RE LAZY!

NewMonday2928d ago

-make Home 3D
-use it with the Sony prototype #D VR glasses
-make it compatible with Move
-release it on PC and allow mods
-think of the movie Gamer
-let the sick fantasies begin

thats_just_prime2928d ago

if you really think about it they are no different then any chat or video chat. I dont get to see a lot of my friends and family much cause they live in different states then me so its nice to have ways to stay in touch with them

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FinalSpartan2928d ago

that is just lowlife...Home and This are terrible. I never went into Home ever in my life on PS3.

MS where is the hardcore games?

Corepred42928d ago

If you've never played either, how did you come up with with the ASSumption of both of them being terrible?

RonyDean2928d ago

Avatar Kinect is great for the people that CAN'T go outside, at least they are still able to connect and chat with people.

Like the article says it could really ruin the social life for people.

Bigpappy2928d ago

I enteract with a lot of people who are too far away to just go out side and hang with. Many of the people that are out there, I don't care to hang with. So the article is lost on me. Sorry!

Biggest2928d ago

Why interact with people that you don't care to spend time around? My family is on the other side of the country. When we get a chance to sit down together over video chat I prefer to see them. They are my family. People that I don't care enough about to see can talk to me in game or through text. Text is especially good for those people that I am forced to communicate with, but don't enjoy communicating with. Either way. . . Cartoon me talking to cartoon them is lame.

3XP2928d ago

Your comment is actually lame.

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The story is too old to be commented.