DC universe-online launches today things you need to know

Many of these are undocumented or at least were not immediately obvious during the BETA

1) Use the Mouse-wheel during the Character Creation process to see all the options. Scroll bars were apparently recently added, but the Mouse-wheel also works great.....

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Mcardle2840d ago

I was interested until I found out it had a monthly subscription. Which goes to show just how much I knew about MMO games if that came as a surprise....

Lifendz2840d ago

I think the norm for MMO's now is to let you play for free and then charge for additional accessories or other stuff. Being that this is a console MMO on just the one platform I guess they feel like they have to assure themselves of some sort of return on their investment.

I might give it a look. I'm more of a Marvel comics guy but if the community is good and the missions are interesting I could see this being really cool.

Lirky2840d ago

I had a friend who bought city of heroes he was super super happy, and then when he installed the game it asked for subscription etc. then he got mad and returned it. Gaming is never ever free you pay once and play forever for disc games, but some you pay once for the disc, then your still buying the game your supposed to own Like Dc universe.

batbatz2840d ago

free to play with micro transactions does seem to be the way to go

Mcardle2840d ago

Why has someone stealth disagreed everyone?