Ghost Mania review - Extra Guy

If you lost your job as a ghost hunter because you accidentally released all previously captured ghosts back into wild, what would you do to get back in your boss’ good graces? If you said “travel the globe re-capturing all the ghosts by matching up colored blocks and then eliminating them before running out of room in the level” then Ghost Mania is just the game for you. If you didn’t, then Ghost Mania will probably feel less like your life story and more like just another puzzler.

The story is told with colorful background graphics, character models that look like they came from an old Casper or Wendy the Witch comic (read: cute) and the tunes fit the worlds they are set in. As far as I can tell the escaped spirits are hidden in glowing blocks. You use one of the games two characters to match up same colored blocks and eliminate those collections with the glowing spirit blocks. Doing so will re-capture the ghosts, gain some favor with your former boss and brings you one step closer to regaining your old job.

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