Which? Convo: Why I’ve u-turned on 3D tech

Which? Conversation: Despite the lukewarm reception 3D tech has had before now, following our hands-on experience at CES 2011 it’s clear 3D’s here to stay. And it’s the development of glasses-free tech that’s going to ensure its success.

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techie2840d ago

Hm, going to have to be cheaper for me.

DA_SHREDDER2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

There are already 50 inch 600 hrz 3-D tv's under $900 dollars. So the argument of it being being too expensive is null. If your too dumb to realize that 3-D sets cost just as much as a regular HD set than your then you shouldn't be playing video games period. You should be working on your general education and common sense.

@hennessy If you dont like where ya live, move.

hennessey862840d ago

but the cheapest 3d sets in great britain are in the region of 1000 pounds roughly 1500 dollors so no there not cheap for everyone

djreplay2840d ago

Try £650 for a 40 inch 3D Samsung from Amazon, I'm getting the Sony 40 inch 3D tv personally.

techie2840d ago

I've seen some for around £800... that £650 price sounds good though - are they any good?

darthv722840d ago

Gosh I hope not. I like 3d but to be honest, if it continues to go down the path it is it will ruin itself because of over saturation. It will no longer be the hook and become the crutch.

There is plenty of crap that doesnt deserve the 3d treatment but get it mostly because they want to proclaim they are in 3d. It doesnt make it better it just makes it 3d crap. When done in moderation, it works. When done in get the picture.

3d has tried many times to reinvent itself only to fall flat due to content. I see the tech is ready but we are still having issues with good 3d deserving content.

nycredude2840d ago


How is it going to be over saturated if less than 5% of people have so far adapted. That is nonsense. It's still in it's infancy. I for one am going to purchase two of them one large one for my living room and a 40 inch for my gaming pod. Can't freaking wait and just in time for Killzone 3.

Who could honestly tell me they don't want to play Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3 in 3D!!!???

darthv722840d ago

i am just think down the road. There is relevance for 3d. The uses of it however is what i am referring to. Those games you mentioned are obvious winners but think of others that could be given the treatment.

Sort of like a game developer may not have good content in his game but figures if we make it 3d then it will be better. I dont have anything against 3d. I do against the misuse of it.

Give me games and movies that deserve the 3d treatment. Not crap like yogi bear

jim2wheels2840d ago

One slight ommisssion - many people feel physically sick watching 3D TV. Nothing to do with the tech, just a fact of human biology.

From what I can gather, if you feel a bit sick and nauseous while trying to read in a car - your 3D days are numbered before they even begin.

zootang2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

That's just our body adjusting. You have to get past that nausea stage to appreciate it, kind of like drinking. Not that I have noticed it myself.

nycredude2840d ago

you can adjust the intensity of the effect on the tvs so feeling sick shouldn't be an issue with most.

I went to watch tron at imax in 3d and during the preceding previews the 3d was noticeably more intense and my head felt a bit tight (don't know how to explain), but once the movie started you can tell they toned down the effects for the full length movie. You will be able to do the same with these panels.

techie2840d ago

I think that might be even worse with glasses-free tech.

ForzaGT2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

at first I was a sceptical of 3D at first especial the fact that you have to wear glasses and Price, but now when you look at the backing it receive from the likes of Sky, Espn, most of the major electrical giants(Pansonic,sony, Samsung), you kinda of sense that the 3D tech is here to stay this time round and it also helps that the 3D TV are getting cheap rapidly these days and the fact that glassless 3D TV will launch in the near future

divideby02840d ago

I planned on buying a new HDTV this year and of course it was going to be 3D. Now with Sony also showing glass less 3D AND NOT telling us a lot about it, it just is gonna make me wait longer to buy a set.
We own 3 HDTVs and I always try not to but always wind up buying Sonys XBR line.
I am interested in the LG full LED 3D set (needs glasses) but its expensive

FrankMcSpank2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Glasses-free tech is stupid and waste of money. The depth may be there but you have to sit in front of the TV. iewing experience(wouldn't it be cool to lean around a bush that comes out of your TV and then shoot from there? Or playing with an EyePet or Kinectimal that actually came out of the screen. How about it?). I want the fire coming out of the TV. I want the 3D in front of me. I love 4D Rides, and seeing the picture come right out of the TV is awesome. It will make movies more entertaining, and gaming not only more immersive, but it adds an element to enhance the puzzles, vThe image renders exactly the same. There are new 3D TVs coming out that use pure Real D Theater technology. Oakley even has a great set that you can wear with it. It doesn't require the flicker effect of heavy battery powered glasses. I plan on getting one of those TVs later this year. I love 3D, but I am patient enough to wait. This is just another step in the move toward the future. 3D will be the thing for the next 5 years, and then it will evolve into something else. Remember when DVD players were $5000. I sure as hell didn't think it was worth it. But technology grows and each batch gets cheaper and more affordable. 3D is something that is not for everyone, but 3D is great to have for those who use it and those who don't(3D renders a higher resolution which in terms makes the 2D viewing better.)

soundslike2840d ago

I agree 100%

I don't know how people who grew up with technology and have seen its power double and halve its price over and over and over and over and STILL say that "theres no future in X"

With technology like 3D, its only a matter of time. You'd really have to be close-minded and completely unaware of the last decade you've spent on this earth not to see that.

techie2840d ago

But we don't know how much the tech will improve...

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