In Theory: Will Sony ban PSN Jailbreakers?

With the news that infamous iPhone hacker George Hotz has enabled homebrew via a custom firmware patch, speculation is now moving on to what Sony will do to stop unauthorised code running on the PlayStation Network. What exactly can the platform holder monitor from your machine and what steps can Sony take in banning you from the PlayStation Network?

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cronaldo73024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

undisclosed security vulnerability fixed geohot (author)
about 2 hours ago

< @geohot> my anti lv2 patching isn’t just anti piracy

geohot released a security fix for the hack of the ps3 security...


hennessey863024d ago

i have never and will never pirate a game, the amount of effort the devs put into making a game, the late nights and the aount of money it takes. Ill admit i have downloaded the odd song but i do buy the album if i like the single. These pirates are scum and they deserve severe punishment. You sony fanboys should be scared because your big exclusives sales will be hit hard and if they dont make money well you know the end.

Christopher3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

@miDnIghtEr20C: I can't wait for you to mature a bit and learn to stop joking about something that's vitally important to the industry.

hennessey863024d ago Show
Christopher3024d ago

Not those who jailbreak and don't use it for piracy that can be detected.

More than likely, the _only_ thing they can do is ban those that play a pirated game online since that's about the only way they can detect it.

Each piece of software is digitally signed and easy for Sony to track, but it requires you access their servers to do so. It's highly unlikely they'll ever do a general sweep of content on one's PS3 HDD, so it'll likely only take place when you attempt to play a game online. They already have in place where they catalog online play by PSN ID, IP, and the unique digital signature of a game. So, adding in a new layer to detect the source of the software (BD, HDD, and file location) is just another step to add.

Otherwise, if you're just pirating single player games and never play a pirated multiplayer game online, I don't really see how they can prevent you from doing it in the future.

Actually, that's not true. They could do a sweep with each FW update, but that really doesn't solve anything since people would just wait for the CFW to each update rather than updating on their own.

ChristianGamer3023d ago

So why would sony be even consider banning people when they can simply stop the hack via firmware as they so claim

Chucky20033023d ago

Geohot has clearly stated that his stance against lv2 patching is not just about anti-piracy. It's dangerous and will only cause problems in the long-term.

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MGRogue20173024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I tried the "jailbreak" custom firmware for like 10-20 minutes online.. but then immediately went back to official 3.55 firmware.

If Sony can see everything you do on your PS3.. then surely, they can see that I updated my console to a more "legit" state, right?

I really hope that Sony doesn't ban me.. I was just checking out the emulators & stuff.. I didn't mean no harm :(

TimeSkipLuffy3024d ago

I hope they will! Just kidding. I don't care but you should always be aware that what you are doing might have consequences at the end...

Thecraft19893024d ago

enkeixpress its outlined in TOS that installing any other software on your ps3 other than Sony's own breaks the TOS meaning yes if wanted to then can ban you.

The update looks legit to Sony its the fact there is system built into your ps3 to send the name of the game/apps to Sony thats how they can ban.

I very sure if they do start banning it will be massive waves and will not go after you and rather the people doing it at the time of certain waves.

Spitfire_Riggz3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yeah I just tried it aswell. Playing Super Mario world (I do own the game). Im shitting bricks though, so Im going to go back to original firmware =). Still despise piracy and hate geohot but I like the idea of cross game chat (which geohot said someone could do as of right now, and yes I used xgame chat on xbox live all the time idk why so many people hate it) and some sweet homebrew apps. NOT PIRACY!!!!!!

Acquiescence3023d ago

What good is cross-game chat if you can't even go online without being instantly detected by Sony? Pfft, none of this homebrewing is worth the risk.

Spitfire_Riggz3023d ago

Well the point of getting Sonys signiture IS being able to go online. No one has been banned yet right? All this talk is speculation. Personally I dont want to be banned so im not goin to be the guinea pig. However yes, technically xgame chat would be perfect for this you should be able to go online. Just dont play backups.

Dac2u3024d ago

Ouch, that was a bad idea. Eventually, Sony are going to drop the ban hammer, but they won't look at specific cases. They'll use software to do the tracking for them and just issue out bans to all offending consoles. If using the custom firmware is traceable, you might not have PSN access in a few weeks.

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Shazz3024d ago

of course they will ban people but i think they will wait until they have a good amount of people to hit all at the same time rather than ban people 1 by 1 . cant wait till the 1st wave hits

PlayerX3024d ago

I remember you saying Microsoft only bans to increase sales. Why the change of heart?

SoSLy3023d ago

I think thats what he just meant.... Sony should do what Microsoft does and ban people in "waves" thus making more profit. But if they were to ban them one by one people will no longer hack their console because theyre too afraid of the consenquences

SprSynJn3024d ago

I believe I speak for most paying consumers when I say, "I sure as hell hope they do."

catguykyou3024d ago

You pay for PSN? That's all they would be able to ban you from.

cemelc3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


Baning modders form psn, that is all i care for them to do. In this online generation where single player is not enough to keep you going for long speacially in certain genres (shooter,fighters, Racers, TPS, Sports). Baning from psn is pretty much telling not to play any genres anymore.

The only gamess i see having trouble is single player games like mass effet,deus ex,Dragon Age2 and if you actually dont get those game youre no gamer at all cos those are the single player games worth getting(among others of course).

Edit: @disagres what i wrote is the truth no matter how you look at it, playing games without online, in this day and age is playing half the game.

catguykyou3023d ago

I agree with you cemelc. I think modders should be banned from PSN for the simple reason that it opens up cheating.

I was merely poking at your paying customer comment since PSN is free and you can have however many PSN accounts you want.

cemelc3023d ago

Thell probably going to do something about that eventually. Perhaps blocking the macadress of each modded ps3 that way no matter how many accounts you create your ps3 simply wont be able to enter psn.

meetajhu3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

The theory is people can never be banned since all homebrew in future are going to be officially signed by private keys which was found by failoverflow team. But as of now if your in Geohots firmware get ready to get shafted.

TimeSkipLuffy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I thought the problem is that the signed programs right now are shown with their true name. Ever heard of SNES9X game? XD If you don't go online than it won't hurt otherwise they have to mask the game to show something different. And who knows what that would mean for trophies, online gaming, etc...

Sooner or later there will be solutions to bypass that, but everyone jumping on right now because they don't know better or might get the idea their is already a play backup games solution they should also be aware that their address and account could be banned/lost forever.

Some also might re-install the original firmware after a ban and try to sue Sony for that...

It will be a pain in the axx XD

meetajhu3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

The battles between hackers vs Sony is just started in PS3 platform eventually the hackers will win like on PSP. The PSP is incomplete without homebrew.

Same way PS3 will be ready to do and run Mkv,emulators,PS2 emulators,remove region protection for PS2 games for backwards compatible PS3s,run Linux,rip blu ray movies to hard drive,video converters to benefit from Cell CPU and Spe's, Keyboard and Mouse injections into games,Enable 0-255 color range,optimized mozilla power pc browser,cross game chat etc etc etc...

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