Eurogamer:Why I Hate Final Fantasy

Eurogamer writes "Hate is a powerful word. How often does it really apply? I'm not a fan of novelty crisp flavours or the Black-Eyed Peas, but do I truly hate them? Probably not."

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Neckbear2840d ago

He talks about Dungeons and Dragons, then proceeds to bitch about Turn Based Combat?

Seriously, dude?

darthv722840d ago

when the FF games actually had connections to each other than just in name.

It makes me wonder if square can't call these individual FF games anything else because of the brand recognition of the FF name itself.

All I know is i liked it when the next one came out and it directly continued from where the previous one left off (or somewhere around there).

Redempteur2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

that never happenned ..the only ones that got sequels are ff4,ff7,ff10.

the rest is completly independant from each other ..
Maybe you should play FF games .. before writing nonsense on N4G

infamous-butcher2840d ago

I don't know about FFIV, but when VII and X got sequiles, theys tended to suck ass. X-II was horrible in comparison to X and VII should have ended with the end of the god dam game. Dirge of cerberus and crisis core wern't FF games.

darthv722840d ago

yeah. Thanks for that. I didnt really play many FF games after the nes and snes. I have X and that is it.

I thought the first 6 or so were directly connected to each other. Then came 7 and changed everything from then on.

I stand corrected.

Eamon2840d ago

Crisis Core was fun. Dirge on the other hand... lol

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GeneGodHand2840d ago

i couldn't even finish the first page we get it you think your smart and people are weird for loving FF wow what a douche lol.

EditorAtGNG2840d ago

Actually no. In a nutshell the author dislikes Final Fantasy's (XIII) turn-based combat, ridiculous characters, impenetrable storyline, the empty game world, repetitiousness and the fact that there's this promise the game actually gets good after 20 or so hours. Nothing, and I do mean nothing can convince a regular player to stick through god awful 20 plus hours for the "good parts" to start rolling, even if he is a die hard fan.

RedDead2840d ago

I stuck through it till the good part got rolling....and let m tell you, there is no good part. Same shit whole game.

darthawesome902840d ago

The the title should read "Why I hate Final Fantasy XIII" and not "Why I hate Final Fantasy". Also I wouldn't call FFXIII a turn based game. It's an one button autobattle mashing game.

Troll-without-Bridge2840d ago

He hates every other FF as well.

GeneGodHand2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Everything he said about XIII is true it felt like a chore playing that one but the other FFs deserve no hate.

Perjoss2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

"after X amounts of hours the game gets really good"

i get tired of hearing this, and not just about ff13... makes you wonder why they cant make the first few hours more fun?

edit: surely the first few hours are critical so you can grab the attention of everyone, including those with less patience or short attention spans.

infamous-butcher2840d ago

But there needs to be time for the setting of the story to be set and so new players can get used to the control/battle system.

Eamon2840d ago

Turn-based or ATB combat is a polarised issue.

You either love it or hate it. Personally, I love ATB because it focuses completely on strategy removing the button mashing in most standard RPG games.

And I like ATB more than normal Turn-based because it has the thrill of an action game and the strategy of turn-based.

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HINDERIZATION2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII would have a good game if it wasn't final fantasy. It was just a really bad Final Fantasy game. Well, not as bad as people think but it did have it's weak/strong points.

RedDead2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

No, the only reason I kept playing was because it was Final Fantasy and trusted the makers of my favourite francise, how wrong was I? It's is rediculouly boring, not once did I get a break from battling...except the first half of chapter 7, but even then all I did was run along a corridor and chase a stupid chocobo around(was THAT suppose to be a side mission!!) jesus I can't believe how annoyed I was at my purchase.

Edit--it never improves. I put it down 3/4 of the way through chapter 11(since c11 was when it "got good"), played Xenogears and FF4 recently, way better games than it. FF8 is way beyond anything S-e has produced.


i never completed it since i'm in the "calm land" looking area and i had to keep training since my party was a bit weak. i did that for at least a week before i put it down and replayed Final Fantasy VIII lol

Rybnik2840d ago

Yeah, author fails. This is really unfortunate though because as time moves forwards, people will think that FF XIII is representative of Final Fantasy in general as they will not have played the original games. This is really why FF XIII is so unfortunate..It tarnishes the final fantasy name :(

outwar60102840d ago

lol let me guess because the next one is never the FINAL fantasy

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