Shift 2: Unleashed Limited Edition Box Art Revealed

Following the announcement of a limited edition retail package for the forthcoming Shift 2: Unleashed, sequel to 2009’s Need for Speed: SHIFT, Electronic Arts has revealed the official box art design. Currently in development at Slightly Mad Studios, Shift 2: Unleashed will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in Spring 2011.

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Leffernan2839d ago

Isn't EA going for the ultimate simulation experience with this one? And the box art is two ricers grinding each other? when do you see professional racecar drivers grind each other? just sayin..

jammydude2839d ago

If shift was anything to go by then no, they're not going for all out simulation. More of a hybrid sim/arcade racer with aspects of both in it. Being less of a sim doesn't mean it will be less of a game however. Shift 1 was good IMO and if they make as many improvements on this as they say this should be great too

Edito2839d ago

Lol you took my words, this game will never be in the same level as GT5 and Forza series but it is cool in is own way... (ARCADE)

Quagmire2839d ago

Who ever said its in the same level as Forza/Gt5? Its in a level of it own, remember its a hybrid sim/arcade racer.

Samus HD2839d ago

why most of the sequels get the name UNLEASHED

Samus HD2838d ago

Sonic Unleashed
Star force Unleashed ....there are others too
this name is so annoying