Hands-On Preview: Hyperdimension Neptunia - Electronic Theatre

Tecmo Koei Europe is soon set to publish Hyperdimension Neptunia, the latest release from developers Compile Heart and Idea Factory, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. A quirky take on the battles that take place between the core audiences of each hardware manufacturer, the game pitches videogame hardware in human form against evil illegal hardware. Players assume the role of Neptune, a goddess who must seek out the Histoire, a book that contains the secrets of the world, in order to defeat the evil goddess Majikonne.

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kevco332837d ago

NO! Not 'meh'! This game is going to be awesome!

Neckbear2837d ago

I wouldn't really say that, the concept is cool and all, but I also have my doubts.

xino2837d ago

it's like bunch of kids fighting.


-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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