E4G: Iwata wants steady game releases for 3DS

And doesn't want hardware sales to drop due to a lack of releases.

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Hitman07693020d ago

That would be amazing, now if a PSP2 is announced on the other hand, then they can forget about my money until a price drop.

matey3020d ago

psp2 are u serious psp1 failed so i wouldnt even consider a psp2 and they havnt announced nothing psp phone isnt psp2 m8 and i seen a re2 game on that device its shite sorry m8 but nintendo are about to smack sony in the face with 3ds and wii games u watch lots of localisations 4 big wii games like Zangeki reginleiv and Last story ect as well as wiirelax and stuff like that

GeneGodHand3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Reading your comment was painful i couldn't understand it,post in english ty have a nice day XD.

Ryudo3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

English translation of matey's comment,

"The PSP2 are you serious the PSP failed so I wouldn't even consider a PSP2. They haven't announced anything for the PSP phone and it's not the PSP2 friend.

I have seen a Resident Evil 2 game on that device it's shit sorry friend. Nintendo are about to smack Sony in the face with the 3DS, and Wii games you watch lots of localizations for big wii games are incoming for example The last story."

Maybe I could understand it because am dyslexic but honestly it's some of the funnest shit I have ever read.

kesvalk3020d ago

O.o my god, your english is horrible...

pain777pas3020d ago

Hitman is right in a sense. I am not liking what I have been reading of late with the region lock stuff etc... I need to know what the specs are for the PSP2 whether it indeed has 2 analog sticks and what have you. I personally like the PSP1 and you get SFA3, Tetris, Lumines, Tekken 5 and 6, MGS etc... Now I know the DS has alot of games but the games that i would like to play on the go are on the PSP. Yes tetris and lumines are on the DS aswell but the visuals and features with music and video from launch are what kept the PSP relevant to me even now. PSP2 would be a system I would be interested in knowing about even though I believe that the 3DS is an upgrade from the PSP in every way and until that region lock for games was a day one purchase and in honesty it might still be one.

wwm0nkey3020d ago

Well the definitely have enough games on board to do this for the first 2 years at least and I assume there will be even more games announced at E3 2011

dkblackhawk503020d ago

Hmm still not buying one >.> sorry Nintendo

lizard812883020d ago

the nintendo 3ds is region locked!