Ubi stonewalls GI Far Cry 3 assumption

VG247 writes: "Ubisoft’s told VG247 that it will “not comment on rumor or speculation” in relation to Game Informer listing Far Cry 3 as an August 2011 release.

Game Informer listed the game for August in its 2011 preview earlier this month.

Far Cry 3 development began before the global release of Far Cry 2 in October 2008."

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wicko2837d ago

Well, hopefully they learned their lessons from Far Cry 2 if this is true..

iamgoatman2837d ago

I hope it follows the pattern that Assassins Creed did. Both AC1 and FC2 were very repetitive, with AC2 greatly improving on the first, so hopefully FC3 will do the same.

wicko2837d ago


Aside from the obvious improvements like more mission variety, they need to ditch constant respawning on guardposts you've cleared, make people less bullet sponges, and not have absolutely everyone you drive by turn around and chase you. Also it was such a copout that every mission you went on they'd say "nobody knows you're helping us so everyone will shoot you".

Xfanboy2837d ago

I was hoping it would be on CryEngine 3! Does Crytek have anything to do with Farcry anymore?

DoomeDx2837d ago

Nope. To bad though.
I hated those kids on my school, calling me dumb because i told them FarCry 2 was on Dunia engine, not cryengine.

they we're like: ''HAHAHAH where the fuck did you get that information from? Its cryengine!!''

i laughed my ass off

iamgoatman2837d ago

The Dunia engine is still pretty good though, plus if they're still using it I'm sure it's been updated since FC2. FC3 would be awesome using DX11.

peowpeow2837d ago

FC2 was very well optimized I can tell you that :)

TABSF2837d ago

FarCry 2 was not a terrible game, never finished it, but it was OK

If Crytek made it I probably would have seen it through, contrary to what the average gamer thinks Crysis and Crysis Warhead are really good and enjoyable games.

hassi942837d ago

I dunno bout Crysis, it's beautiful but I can't seem to push myself to finish it. It's also very difficult for me for some weird reason, I'm really quite good at FPS both online and off but Crysis I just fail at haha

sonicsidewinder2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

FC2 just felt way too artificial. It got terribly boring. Didn't really find the multiplayer fun, so consequently i never got interested in the map maker Which DID look a lot of fun.

Far Cry 1 was awesome.

I even loved Instincts and Evolution, plus their map-maker's were damn great. So many good highschool days xbl memories.


I liked FC2,the mp was miserable and the sp quickly fell into a rather mundane series of similar events but it had its charms.The grass fires and IED's were epic.
"My Diamonsss" got old quick tho :/
I would definitely give Ubi my 60$ for FC3.