Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Announced

City Interactive has confirmed exclusively to, they are developing a sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

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awiseman2835d ago

In other news: Glitch shooter 2 announced with release set in q4 2011 from Bugs interactive.

krisq2835d ago

That was before the patch.

HolyOrangeCows2835d ago

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2? Two Worlds 2? AWESOME!

When do we get to see Too Human 2?? And Superman 64 #2?

MAJ0R2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

maybe steam sales saved the first one?

Kran2835d ago

Really? How many did the first game sell?

About 200K?

Thecraft19892835d ago

Noped reach 800k in November.

Kran2835d ago

Alan Wake only got 900K on the 360 alone. Maybe theres hope for a sequel after all....

Thecraft19892835d ago

that's different alan wake was in development for very long time 5-6 years this alone would of cost a lot of money but also they wasted a lot money developing for PC for it to canceled becuase Microsoft would not publish the game.

I hope theirs sequel though it was good game.

MGRogue20172835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I'm planning on buying the first one.. but I'm waiting for it to get even cheaper first 'cause I know that it doesn't sell so well so it will get so much cheaper further on down the year. :)

LunaticBrandon2835d ago

I'll probably buy the first one off Steam. I heard the game was fixed at this point.

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