LittleBIGPlanet 2 PS3 bundle is officially confirmed

Sony's just confirmed that there will be a LittleBIGPlanet 2 bundle with the PS3 320gb.

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Dylantalon12838d ago

wicked, now hopefully killzone 3 will get bundled with a ps3 also

Krew_922838d ago

It may most likely get bundled with Killzone 3, but it would only be in Europe, which sucks for Americans. Then again we get way more stuff than Europeans so I feel their pain. =(

FrankMcSpank2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Americans should be allowed to have the bundles too, but it sells better overseas. Americans have proven time and again they won't give the PS3 a chance. 10 years of hardcore Sony gaming, and then 14 months of Xbox marketing before the PS3 launch has convinced them to abandon everything that gaming once stood for. And COD was on PS2 first. It's a shame.

RedRedSuitSDF2838d ago

Actually, we have both consoles because we love to game.

Sneak-In2838d ago

The real shame is that these two great consoles can't just coexist and give gamers what they want without starting some fanboy wars.

Playstation-3602838d ago

finally, now that the PS3 is not too expensive, I wish they would make PS3 in different colours according to games outside japan- it would tempt me to buy one to upgrade from my 3 year old fat PS3

Yi-Long2838d ago

... waiting for one to come along with a cool color.

Here in Holland, we only have the black PS3. It sucks.

I was hoping for a cool LBP2 bundle with a nicely colored PS3, but once again Sony doesn't give a shit about giving us europeans any color-options...

MrGoogle2838d ago

I love Sackboy! Perhaps I will change my 120GB-PS3 with this Bundle...

blackburn52838d ago

All Sony has to do is make a $199.99 model with less gigabytes and they will clean up. Make it happen Sony

divideby02838d ago

200 buck PS3 with all the games this will make it all up on software...

4D2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Sony is struggling to break even with their price points now. Not to mention the costs of giving PSN away for free. They are reduced to bastardizing software sales to try to get people to buy the PS3. Not to mention they are also bundling PS3's with HDTV's.

We won't be seeing a $199.00 price point from Sony any time soon. Even if they did drop the price they won't make up the loss on software sales because people who buy PS3's now are either replacing existing consoles or else they are the late adopting casual crowd.

blumatt2838d ago

I doubt Sony will drop the PS3 to $200 until maybe 2012, but I do see them dropping the price of the lowest PS3 to $250. That would still move quite a few consoles. 250GB PS3 for $250 and 500GB PS3 for $300. Then maybe a 500GB PS3 with Move for $350. A $100 price cut is still a little ways off, but $50 could happen.

2838d ago
Sneak-In2838d ago


Agree. It's still too expensive.

Sneak-In2838d ago

Imo it is. I own a PS3 myself but I actually think its too expensive to just buy another (in case it gets an YLOD or something else) after the guarantee ran out.

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