Activision’s XBL DLC Remains Full Price Despite Sale

Nukezilla's Hans Wuerflein writes:

There’s an advert up in the Spotlight section of the Xbox Dashboard linking to the sales section offering what appear to be some good deals from Activision, but when it comes time to purchase most items are ringing up at their original prices.

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HBandell2890d ago

Not sure why anyone would buy the World at War map pack now, even if it is discounted... :P

wuerflein2890d ago

Just because it's old doesn't mean no one wants it. My roommate just bought DLC for Dead Space today.

HBandell2890d ago

Dead Space is a game worth buying DLC for. :)

Jezuz2890d ago

They should sell the Zombie Maps separately from the Multiplayer maps! that would help a lot

Ryudo2890d ago

I thought I read Activision and sale I was about to prepare for a nuclear holocaust. Then I released it was a mistake and the world seemed sane again.

AAACE52890d ago

Yeah I saw it... but for the most part, I am done buying DLC!

I am starting to hate this sh*t! You have a good game with tons of people playing it. Then the DLC hits. Some buy it and keep playing. Others just say F*ck it and abandon the game. And the rest just play with the remaing individuals who didn't buy it!

F8ck DLC! It will make all the games we love turn to crap.

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r1sh122890d ago

i also said this would happen when they announced it last week.
it proves activision suck, stop buyingb their content

Jezuz2890d ago

it's probably just a glitch. Did you even read the article?

verygoodyear2890d ago

Somebody pressed the wrong button..

wardrox2890d ago

Totally an "accident"... also No Refunds.

no_more_trolling2890d ago

the only dlc i ever bought was for battlefield bad company 2, for the vietnam map pack

ever....and i dont plan on buying anymore dlc again

Corrwin2890d ago

Happens quite a lot.

When the PSN Christmas Sale started they were still in the process of changing all the prices, across all publishers.

Some games were discounted, some weren't even listed in the sale (though they would be added later), some remained at their original price despite being in the sale section.

Unfortunately updating an online store (much like in a high-street store where you have to price check everything) isn't an atomic action - give it an hour, and it should sort itself out.

ddelella2890d ago

Not sure who woul dbuy Activision DLC at 1200 MSP anyway. They are greedy little f***s. 800 is puching it. Music games only charge 560 for 3-6 song packs why should maps be any different.

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