The Trashmaster: Stunning Full-Length GTA 4-Movie

For tow years Mathieu Weschler has worked to create a full-length feature film, The Trashmaster, in GTA 4. The movie is about a rogue binman and his hatred of human trash. Great voice acting, great sounds and atmosphere.

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mushroomwig2841d ago

What the heck? How did this even get one approval?

jammydude2841d ago

Mods, please fix this. So much is left to just be wrong on this site. At the moment there's an uncharted 3 review (which is actually just an uncharted: drakes fortune review) in the UC3 section and despite my contact to you guys about this ~ 3 weeks ago it's still not fixed :/

toaster2841d ago

There is a thread in the forums for reporting stories, they usually get things fixed within a few hours or a day depending on which mods/admins are online.

here is the link to the thread:

jammydude2841d ago

Cheers but that's what the tickets are for too is it not? Bit silly to implement that system then pay no notice to it.