Auburn beats Oregon in BCS, but Xbox Live and ESPN are real winners "Not only was it the BCS title game, but it wasn't broadcast on network television. This meant that it was a big "win" for cable-less Xbox Live owners who sang Microsoft's praises since they didn't have to go to a bar or the gym to watch it live."

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Darth Stewie2890d ago

Big Deal so many sites stream pretty much every sport game from football,basketball,etc.

SwiderMan2889d ago

Sure, but in HD? I think this is the wave of the future and cable TV of today is the dinosaur.

AAACE52889d ago

Last I checked, Time Warner was blocking my access to ESPN on XBL! That pissed me off, so I got rid of cable since I realized I was paying $80 a month and could never find anything to watch!

Regular Antenna picks up about 33 channels for me. And for the most part, I always have something to watch, so i'm ok with that. Plus, now I take advantage of my Netflix account more.

Did I mention that HDTV comes in a hell of a lot better with an antenna than with cable!

Don't know why I felt the need to say that but oh well...

meluvulongtime2889d ago

I'm in the same boat. Stupid Time Warner. I'd actually see a reason to have XBL Gold if my ISP didn't block the feature.

TreMillz2889d ago

how can you have internet with no cable?

SwiderMan2889d ago

Really? I even said Cable T.V. Is that a real question?

callahan092890d ago

There are people out there who have Xbox Live but don't get ESPN on TV? Interesting. I watched the game on TV, personally.

SwiderMan2889d ago

I am one of those people because I cut the cable TV cord last summer. I can't pay $60 a month for something g I seldom use. So this new wave of streaming in HD applies to me, and others I'm sure.

divideby02889d ago

if you add up all the dollars you are gonna pay for this type of content and include your Live sub...
basic cable dont cost 60 a year, so I dont see you saving much...

BabyTownFrolics2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

in the area of CT I'm in basic cable is 50.00 a month but thats only 20 channels, if I want espn, comedy central, etc. I need to purchase basic +. Basic + costs 80.00 a month (thats without premium channels). My internet service is 35.00 a month, if I break down the cost of live per month its 3 and change (I purchased multiple years of LIVE for 39.99), netflix cost me 15.00 a month, so all together its about 55.50 per month. Thats less than the 80.00 a month I would have to spend on cable. So I am saving money.

FragMnTagM2889d ago

Where the heck do you live divideby0? Basic cable is around 60 dollars per month around here. That is way more than 60 dollars a year, in fact it is 720 dollars a year.

It is a lot cheaper to pay for an XBL sub and internet than it would be to not have XBL and pay for internet and TV subscription.

You don't make any sense at all.

Dorwrath2889d ago

@FragMnTagM Depends what you class as basic cable. I have to pay $7.50 for basic cable so I can get Comcast high Speed Internet. it's cheaper to do it that way because otherwise I'd have to pay $10 a month if I didn't want basic instead of the $7.50.

Sure it's basic only analogue channels, but I'd call that basic.

Digital starts at $55.95 for me if I wanted it. As you can tell I don't watch TV or movies through a service.

divideby02889d ago

everyone I knows has Cable or Dish... and we live in 10 acre zoning. So I do not think this is a big deal.. How many do you know that only has broadcast.. .besides think of all the net sites that you can pick the game up

FragMnTagM2889d ago

Everything is hate for you. ESPN is a great service for XBL. Deal with it.

sp1deynut2889d ago

..."all the net sites" that have live HD streaming of ESPN content. Go ahead...we're waiting.

It's just divideby0 trolling another 360 article...nothing new here folks. :o

BlackTar1872889d ago

just cause i will say i watch all the college and NFL games on a website that streams all sporting events from basketball in china lol. I wont tell you the website for fear of it getting busted but i can tell you you can find college football streaming at 10000's of places on the internet.

R2D22889d ago

@Black Tar - really, streaming in HD.

BlackTar1872889d ago

well not HD. I was not cutting down the 360 service i was just saying that it is very easy to find Sports streaming on the internet. That's cool for 360 and cool for streaming. Im a huge packer fan so i have not found any HD streaming yet. I have found multiple SD streaming obv. i watch one since the packers dont play on TV here in California. If anyone has the same problem ill share the website thru PM's but not on here.

Yea i was def. not knocking the 360 just simply pointing out the ease of SD streaming.

I think if you make a European login on you can stream NFL games for a monthly fee but i wasn't interested in paying to do it illegally anyways

Smootherkuzz2889d ago

taking over cable is going to be a big job for media and gaming consoles,because you still need cable or phone service for internet in most cases.My problem is DSL is becoming dail up when it comes to proformance,which leaves you with choppyness,constant reloads,grainy,blocky,etc.You need a more expense service to fully enjoy a somewhat perfect picture.trying to watch Espn sports on Xbox live is a very painful way to go unless you have something greater then DSL.It is a shame that most of the good programming has to come from cable,dishes,internet these days its like paying to go to the movies to watch your TV programming.In my day this was free who would've thought it would come to this?(lol)

whitesoxfalife2889d ago

all i see is messy comments, seems to me none of u watch the game on xbox live at all that was this article is about, i for one watch it over xbox live and it was great cant wait to see the numbers on this tho.......and if u did watch the game last night good for you it was a very defensive playing game!!!!! hopefully we can get the superbpowl on xbox live next year baby!!!!!!

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