DC Universe Online Throws Oolong Island video

With DC Universe Online officialy launching today in the US for the PS3 and PC, the developers have thrown a last piece of bait for fans to get the game. The Oolong Island is one of the alerts you’ll be able to catch in game. It’s detailed to be set in the south seas and is full of of mad scientists and all of the creations they’ve made.

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DragonKnight2835d ago

Still on the fence. I can't yet justify a $15 a month expense for this game.

zootang2835d ago

First 30 days are free so I don't see how it could affect your decision.

If you don't like it, trade it in after the 30 days.

jukins2835d ago

wont be able to traded this in has a one time registration code with the game

nevermore2834d ago

is it true? the first 30 days are free? more details please because i really want to play a trial for this before i pay for subscription.

Baka-akaB2835d ago

yeah it wouldnt be different from how many treats their games , once they are done with it , one month later

BlackTar1872835d ago

Just got mine int he mail from amazon.

Im so stuck on demon soul is ridiculous i hope i can play this with the amount of excitement i had for it before i played demon soul for the 1st time and havent put it down since on my 3rd playthrough lvl 145

ThanatosDMC2835d ago

WTF? An evil egg?! HAHAHA!

Oh yeah, there's a new Batman and Superman on Netflix and a Justice League movie both show how useless Batman is except for his money.

BlackTar1872835d ago

well if you read comics then you would now that Superman green lantern and wonder woman all said batman is probbaly the most complete hero that would present the biggest problem if he ever went rogue. Reason being is he is so ddamn smart and preppared you couldnt do anything that he hasnt thought of. If you think batman is worthless then you unfortnatley dont know anything about DC comics.

One of the only Superheros that figured out how to beat ecylsco if you read the Kingdom Come books you would know batman pretty much saves everyone. He is also the only one to dodge dark sied Omega blast. He single handley without superpowers saved the earth from one of the strongest villains of all time and did so despite the failure of all the other DC superheros.

BTW im not talking shit but i love DC comics and to say batman is only good for his money is ridiculous in the sense its part of his character a huge part but he is infinatley smarter then he is rich.

Pardon the spelling using my blackberry

nevermore2834d ago

agreed, no one talks shit about batman. The justice league seasons had countless episodes where batman saved their asses.

ThanatosDMC2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

He got ownt by his alternate Owlman who is the one you say a rogue Batman.

No prob, i use my HD2 all the time im on N4G.

nevermore2834d ago

well the only one who can take on batman is another batman? lol

ThanatosDMC2834d ago

That Batman (Owlman) was able to handle Wonderwoman with ease. Batman should learn from him and buy himself higher tech equipment. That exoskeleton was very useful to handle all those brawlers and he has an auto face cover and sharper batarangs.

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