Hands-On Preview: DC Universe Online - Electronic Theatre

Set for release later this week, Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) DC Universe Online is to become the first Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game on the PlayStation 3 console. Despite the promise of such games at launch, it’s taken nearly four years for the system to receive a title which encourages players to immerse themselves in a unique online world; and in DC Universe Online, SOE have found a world worth investing in.

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Calm Down Sunshine2934d ago

Is anyone here in the Beta?

Is it worth getting?

kevco332934d ago

The beta's ended now. It's out in the US today...

Keith Olbermann2934d ago

I was in the beta and yes, it is worth getting but I cant justify having psn plus and a monthly sub for this so I'll have to wait to pick it up.

Calm Down Sunshine2934d ago

Plenty of variety in it?

In terms of enemies, moves, gear etc?

2934d ago