X360A Review: Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom

In this world largely dominated by violent shooters, extreme racers and sweary action games, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is something of a treat; a brief but enjoyable respite from the type of blockbusting fare that has the greatest monopoly on our time. Majin is an open-world adventure game set in a strange world where darkness has engulfed the populous, transforming them into evil denizens comprised of black unctuous goo. As the game's hero Tepeu, you free a Majin known as Teotl, the exiled guardian of the forsaken kingdom and your adventure begins.

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Balt 2838d ago

I played the demo for this one and it literally put me to sleep. I mean, out! I woke up to the sound of the controller slipping out of my hand and hitting the floor.

It was the Ps3 version, though. That could be the case. Well that or the 20mg of Ambien I took that night.