TheGameEffect | Play On Words Challenge: Inaugural Play on Words Challenge

TGE: What is a Play on Words Challenge you may ask? Essentially what we have here is another way for you, the illustrious TGE user, to gain more XP and Conquests. The goal of a PoW Challenge is to locate all of the Game, Movie, and TV Show references within the paragraphs below. A reference can be anything from the title of an item (such as Inception or Glee) to an element or character from the item (such as Arbiter - for Halo, or Mt. Olympus - for God of War). Not all references are perfectly clear and some take a fair amount of thought and inspection to find. Let the games begin!

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cbnnexus2836d ago

That's an awesome challenge. I got most of them! By the way, that's a great website. I'll be surfing The Game Effect for a quite a while...

Entropic2836d ago

Thanks!! We're continuing to add new stuff on a regular basis, and hope Challenges like these will catch on. Thanks for partaking!