Resident Evil 3DS Footage Makes PSP Look Obsolete

Paul writes, "The PSP has a long lineage of games and a major comeback is arising for the system. However, what do we do with these games when a 3D system with possibly better titles releases? The Nintendo 3DS seeks to threaten the very crown of quality that the PSP holds over gaming. WIth the regular DS's sales and the games that have been shown for the 3DS so far, would the 3DS be like a double whammy to Sony's handheld system?"

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Ninferno3020d ago

3DS is definitely the best looking handheld by far. PSP has nothing on Nintendo!

sarshelyam3020d ago

3DS is an unreleased platform...

...the PSP is over 6 years. What have we learned today?

firefoxprime3020d ago

C'mon now. You should know by now common logic isn't used here.

Now what have "you" learned today? :P

sarshelyam3020d ago

I've learned that anyone can turn a comment right around in an effort to make a point...unsuccessfully!

Hozi893020d ago

Are you kidding me? Nintendo is the one thats outdated. Look at how slow they are to keep up with the times.

When you see psp 2 compared to this. I'm willing to bet this will look obsolete!

Godmars2903020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

At least until we see what the PSP2 can do.

Really, what was the point of making such a comparison when we know the PSP2 is coming? May as well be making PS2 and Xbox 360 comparisons.

And am I the only one pretty much fed up with the direction graphics are going? That it has to be 3D polygons?

Hitman07693020d ago

I almost didn't believe it at first, but seriously this game looks amazing and it shows that the 3DS is not just another DS. It's amazing what is being done by Capcom on a handheld system and it's just sad that the PSP can't do this.

Cratos87803020d ago

PSP is obsolete. Comparing a current generation console to a next generation console? Pathetic. Why don't you compare 3DS to PSP2 or iPhone 4?


sarshelyam3020d ago

Well, I wouldn't say the current gen PSP couldn't do this. I saw the PSP RE project and it was fantastic, and I'm also aware why it hasn't released yet...

...that said, comparing an unreleased platform against one that is over six years old isn't really a fair comparison. If it didn't look better, well, Nintendo would have a bit of a problem...wouldn't you say?

booni33020d ago

Those graphics are amazing, and before today i didn't know if i wanted a 3DS. After the ton of confirmed games, and the insane graphics in titles like this one, i think i'll have to come up with $300

dkblackhawk503020d ago

Graphics are great...still don't want a 3ds.

blackburn53020d ago

So we are not going to wait for the PSP2 right? Let's judge a new handheld against one that has been on the market for years. Guess what people PS3 graphics make the Xbox look obsolete

sarshelyam3020d ago

Liked and Bubb'd. Common sense goes a long way blackburn5!

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