New Valkyria Chronicles 3 screens

Screenshots of Sega's third entry in its hit tactical RPG series, Valkyria Chronicles.

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Shok2934d ago

Wish they would've just put this on PS3........but oh well, it's not one of those games that requires a huge amount of horsepower anyways. I'll still be getting it Day 1 regardless.

Shok2934d ago

A powerful system. It really doesn't need the power of the Cell, for instance.

imoutofthecontest2934d ago

Ah, I get you.

Hmm, I see your point on that, but VC2's biggest flaw for me was the tiny battlefields compared to the PS3's huge ones. The PS3 could handle bigger battlefields and more characters within them than the PSP's downsized Valkyria.

(We see it also with Yakuza, where the areas of town had to be in way smaller chunks rather than a big, seamless city. It altered the gameplay in a way that didn't feel right to me.)

That, and they couldn't fit nearly as many fully animated scenes into VC2 (PSP) as they could VC1 (PS3). I liked the storytelling of the original better. That and the battlefield shrinkdown make me want it back on PS3 :(

Perhaps it lies somewhere in the middle, like it doesn't "require" the full PS3 horsepower, but the PSP can't quite put out what the original VC ran on? Aw well.

knifefight2934d ago

Will buy if I'm done with Valkyria 2 by that time. Would have also liked a return to PS3.

Stealth20k2934d ago

all these damn spoiled people. Be happy you even have a third game

2934d ago
Silver_Faux2934d ago

i dont hav a psp so i wont get to enjoy this. i still love playing the original. its just a beautiful

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