7.5 Review: Kung-Fu Live – A Workout That’s Actually Fun

Here I stand, beaten and battered after 2 days of Kung-Fu live. I am not a fitness junkie by any stretch of the imagination, but after a few weekend benders topped off by a late-night kebab, something inside me says I need to do something about it. Up until now, some of the other gimmicks that have said to be both physical and fun have been pretty boring to say the least.. I’m looking at you Wii Fit. First and foremost, this is a game, and thus will be analysed as one. Having said that, the game set me back $22 AUD – so the bar was set pretty low, my how appearances can be deceiving.

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eggbert2837d ago

This game is pretty fun, the only problem I have (and it's a fairly big problem) is that movement can be retarded at times. The way the game works is that it amplifies your horizontal and vertical movement so it'll be easier for you to get around the screen, but even at the highest settings you'll still find yourself stepping outside of the camera's vision when trying to get across the screen at times.

This gets annoying because when you try to correct yourself by going back into the middle, the camera will see you moving in the opposite direction and your in game likeness will start zooming towards the wrong direction.

The biggest pro of this game is that you can use real life objects such as pillows, and sofa cushions as "weapons", hell you can even get naked and solely use a humping motion as an attack.

I'd probably give this game around a 6 or 7 as a score. It's great fun at first, but it gets stale fast when the movement issues come up.

MacGamer2837d ago

Eggbert - you certainly need a decent open space to play the game which got a bit tricky. Using household appliances as weapons was a good laugh

Ratchet5102837d ago

you see, sony started this kind of interacting with games first since ps2, da older ones dont count because they fail horrible at it.

TheTruth892837d ago

eyetoy games weren't a fail

TroyAndAbed2837d ago

You're right. Some of them were intricate experiences. However, SCEJ didn't support SCEE's (and more importantly, Phil Harrison's) idea to draw in the casual audience. They didn't think it would work.

Because SCEJ has the money and power in the company, the EyeToy received limited (overall) company support, funds, and advertising.

Low-and-behold...we have the Wii and Kinect. -_-

GeneGodHand2836d ago

Have it and i promise after 15 mins you will be worn out and get a very good workout.

ZombieAssassin2836d ago

Me and my friends tried this out the other night and had a blast, it could get annoying at times because it is somewhat hard to move smoothly across the screen and it requires a good amount of space but overall it was at the very least interesting and a good work out.

garos822836d ago

couldnt agree more. just downloaded it last night and had a blast.its great fun and reviews dont do this game justice. moving around on the planes can get a little annoying but the game is really fun and will guarantee to work up a sweat. its hilarious too

on a whole ive had more fun with this 10£ game than loads of other full priced blu ray releases, definately recommend it

GMWPS32836d ago

The demo cracked me up and impressed the wife. So I ended up buying it and will play more this weekend. It's quite cool to see yourself in the game! and not just a plastered on face picture but you in the game, live!!

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