Nightly Minecraft build releases detailed

The almighty creator of Minecraft Notch and his team have spent a ton of time tinkering with the effects in the game Minecraft. Notch is excited to announce that you the user will be soon welcome to a daily install of the latest build of Minecraft.

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Hitman07692839d ago

Nightly eh? Let's see some action before we believe the talk!

blkriku2838d ago

not really something that interest me

jaredhart2838d ago

good news for minecraft fans.

branchedout2838d ago

From Weekly to whenever-its-convineintly to nightly.

Odd transition, but it seems he's got the whole "setting up a company" phase done.

BYE2838d ago

Nice to see Notch still cares about Minecraft instead of swimming in his millions.

El_Colombiano2838d ago

It made, easily, over $10,000,000 already. And it JUST made it into beta. This gives me hope of opening my own small dev studio one day. I'm proud to have supported these devs.

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