These User Levels Are Unneeded in LittleBigPlanet 2

PSUni writes: "LittleBigPlanet took the industry by storm with its release in 2008; unleashing an ocean of creation tools on players, the game was a major innovation in what was a fading genre. Many relished the idea and made some fantastic levels just days after release.
Of course, for every amazing Azure Palace there are 400 more that can be described as “meh” or downright crap (mostly crap). While the new tools available in next week’s LBP2 are exciting in the hands of master creators, they’re much less so in the hands of the mediocre."

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PirateThom3021d ago

I don't mind the recreations, some are really impressive in terms of accuracy and how much effort is put into them. There's a lot of them though, which is the main problem... we really don't need a million 1-1's, especially when there already exists dozens in high quality. Maybe start recreating some of the more obscure levels instead if you must recreat something?

blackburn53021d ago

Getting a little tired of the complaints. I agree that trophy levels are fun killers but everyone isn't Picasso. Everyone isn't going to come up with a master piece or a complicated physics level or engineer a working machine.Let them do what they want. That is the point of LBP that everyone seems to miss. You don't see anyone restricting anyone in Minecraft just because they can't build a scale model of the Enterprise. When you had Lego and made a plane, you didn't care that it was crocked plane or didn't fly or wasn't a scale model. So except for the trophy cheaters I can't see why these 'mediocre levels as the author put it should be a problem.

zgoldenlionz3021d ago

the problem isn't the crappy levels its trying to sift through the garbage to find something fun to play especially considering how long levels take to load. the author is simply stating don't publish junk so people can get to the good stuff easier. i think if a person doesn't put some work into a level why publish it, i have a handful of levels from LBP 1 that i never published cause they weren't worth playing, on the other hand the levels i put 20-30 hours into i made sure as many people as possible tried it out.

zgoldenlionz3021d ago

@dkgshiz lol if only it was that easy.

dead_eye3021d ago one of the best ways to find levels.

dkgshiz3021d ago

It is that easy. LBP does have a search engine you know. It has the most hearted section and highest rated level section.

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Godmars2903021d ago

You can bet there are tons of tank/vehicle makers who are chomping at the bit to remake their levels.

Kon3021d ago

"swastikas made of dicks" LMAO

nopunctuation3021d ago

lol how is that even possible

Bloodraid3021d ago

8 dicks... all aligned at 90 degree angles, in the form of a swastika.

Godmars2903021d ago

I've never seen them in levels. Not that I've looked.

nopunctuation3021d ago

i think the music levels are pretty good some people are pretty uncreative but if you can compose music then you have a level littlebigplanet 2 will be great for music lovers since the music creation system is 100 times better

also any level with trophy in it should be deleted no exceptions

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