Cross Game Chat – Episode 21

PSLS: Hey guys and girls, it’s Monday again (go figure!) and with that we have another episode of Cross Game Chat, the official podcast of PlayStation LifeStyle and Super Villain’s everywhere. We had actually planned to go with Super Heroes but they were a bit too clingy, always trying to save us and stuff. All joking aside, check out the podcast below or tremble before our collective might.

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T3mpr1x2932d ago

How quickly the episode numbers have piled up...

dragon822932d ago

I know. It seems like just yesterday that it was episode #1.

Lifewish2932d ago

i am just in tears thinking of how fast things have gone :)

BigWoopMagazine2932d ago

I haven't had cable tv in two years! Thanks PS3!

$600/year * 2 years = new tv!

clintos592932d ago

Damn what kind of connection do u have? I dl 15gb of the dc universe online beta in 4 to 5 hours & with the updates I dl it pretty fast & im using comcast which I pay $35 a month. U must have a slow connection.

I agree though when I first jumped in the beta it would always disconnect or freeze after an hour of playing but after me & many others reported the problem in the feedback section that problem wasnt there anymore after the updates. The only other problem was the last day of the beta where it had too many users in those 2 areas & everyone looked like shadows & with all the heroes & villains going nuts I just left because I couldnt see anyone but their shadows. Other then that I had a blast in the beta & cant wait to grab my copy tomorrow.