This Is How Kinect Turns Your Face into a Talking Avatar

At CES 2011, Microsoft unveiled Avatar Kinect, a new Xbox 360 app that uses the Kinect camera to track your facial expressions for a personalized, glorified chatroom. Just what does Avatar Kinect see? More than you might think.

This brief tech demo illustrates how Kinect follows the head and multiple points on a person's face to interpret their expressions and movement. What is now being translated into rather simple emotes and animation on Xbox Live Avatars will hopefully be used for greater purposes in the future.

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SMOK3xFFx2838d ago

That is really cool, it even knows when his teeth are showing.

Bigpappy2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

But this is going to be one of those thing that you don't think you want, but once you have it, it become part of the culture.

People will have a lot of fun with this. Scary cool!

TroyAndAbed2837d ago

It's cool, but I don't think people will use it.

You have been able to plan war strategies in PlayStation Home for about two years now...

...and yet...

Cool things don't always get used.

kaveti66162837d ago

It will get used if MS markets it enough.

FragMnTagM2837d ago

I haven't used home in a while, but is voice chat still missing? That is one of the biggest reasons I never used it for planning a strategy before games. That and you can't talk to your friends while you are booting up and loading a game. It is much simpler on XBL to plan a strategy with party chat and cross game invites.

Home could have been great for that, but PSN is missing some features that would make it more feasible to use.

Darkfocus2837d ago

why would you do this when you can just do regular face to face webchat with your real face....I could understand ingame lip syncing like uncharted does(and they could add facial expressions too with kinect) but it's rather pointless to do this instead of regular webcam sessions...

UnwanteDreamz2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I disagree

I think lots of people would rather use an avatar then their real face. Anon but with expressions. It may not be the most useful thing Kinect does but I think its cool enough.

Rainstorm812837d ago

So now the 360 has 3 different chat modes (regular video chat, Kinect chat , and avatar kinect)?

I think this is waste of resources....


1 word....Anonymity

mastiffchild2837d ago

Avatars are among the most camp things on the planet and I'd NEVER consider using this as a result.

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Apocalypse Shadow2838d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

technology looks familiar....

like microsoft has been watching old youtube videos on sony products and ideas.too bad the tech is not exclusive to just depth cameras.all software...

BrianG2837d ago

It is interesting technology, kinda cool its being put into games now.

They did have some interesting face tracking for the Eye toy, haven't seen to much for the PSeye except for that video you provided. Would be cool to put this in Home though.

Bigpappy2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

You can clearly see from your own Vid that Kinect is tracking way more points than the Eye.

It is obvious that Sony had spent some time looking at uses for camera tech. But what have they done with it? Why is it that M$ can now come on the scene and use their ideas to entertain its base? Why didn't Sony patten the ideas?

May be the Eyetoy was not powerful enough to do the entire face. May be Sony abandon the tech because they could not find a good use for it. May be they cut the money for research needed to take it to the level it is now. What ever the problem was that stop them from getting to this point, it is too late now. M$ has beat them to it yet again, and Sony now has to seem like they are copying or just eat crow.

If Sony has all of these wonderful ideas, and don't want to develope them, may be they should just hand them over to M$ so people who enjoy the tech will have more to enjoy. This is why I was so happy when I read that M$ had bought 3DV. I was entrigued by the tech and wanted to get a chance to use it. I knew M$ was the ideal company to take this to the next level. They are doing better than I expected.

I really wish Sony would jump back in, with a depth sensing camera, and give M$ some real competition. It would help to advance things a lot quicker, and if the inovation are any good, they could sell some consoles as a bonus.

TroyAndAbed2837d ago

Maybe they decided to develop good games instead?

deadreckoning6662837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

^^And how do you know good games aren't in development for Kinect as well? Between the Move and Kinect, Dance Central is currently the highest rated motion game since the launch of both devices.

Let me guess...Microsoft paid off 50 different reviewers right? Gimme a break. If its that hard for you to accept that gamers are actually enjoying Kinect games, then your an extremely bitter one dimensional person.

Legacy_Killa2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

The thing i notice with M$ is that they will put anything out that they think some people will like. Such as the GameRoom which is a flop so they're going to take it off soon. Sony is a company that don't just put something out that some people will like they need more then some just look at home it's growing over 16 million people on it.

I will say this about M$ they know how to get money. They're just adding more stuff so people can get Kinect but for $150 and you need to be a gold member they are making easy money off people lolz.

awesomeperson2837d ago

@dead I think he means that they are focussing on good NON motion games.

I would prefer an awesome controller game over an awesome motion controller feature anyday.

Motion controlls aren't my thing in 99% of cases (in some cases, they feel better and more intuitive to use than a normal controller).

TroyAndAbed2837d ago

I don't care if Dance Central is the highest rated.

I've been to parties with both Move and Kinect. Kinect is a JOKE. I'd think you could understand that by now. To the majority of uninformed Americans, Kinect is the new craze. To those of us who crave fun AND depth...Kinect is pathetic.

I can tell you for a fact that most people who have played both Dance Central and Singstar +Dance...don't choose to continue playing Dance Central. ;)

This isn't a Move vs. Kinect thing here. This is a Kinect vs. anything good thing.

It's not hard for me to accept that gamers are actually enjoying Kinect games. It WOULD be hard for me to accept gamers enjoying Kinect games...if they WERE enjoying Kinect games. They aren't. How many people on your friends list are playing a Kinect game right now? I gotta tell ya...none of my friends are. They're playing Gears of War 2, Halo: Reach, The Orange Box, The Darkness, and...some guy decided to try out Perfect Dark: Zero. (Poor sucker...)

Kinect is a one-off.

I'm one-dimensional? I'm bitter? You've assessed me as a human being from one comment on a gaming news forum.

Maybe I am one-dimensional. Maybe I am bitter. I can live with being a bitter, one-dimensional person. I couldn't live with being whatever you are.

Jeff2572837d ago

Sony learned over the years of working with the EyeToy and PSEye that some games you just need something more than a camera to play. Hence their building Move. it gives you the ability of a camera with the necessary buttons and motion controls for other games. MS may have done well to buy 3DV and their tech in your eyes. But that is where they will ultimately fail with Kinect. They didnt develop the tech in house the way Sony did and really dont know the capability of what they have. By the time they figure it out it could be too late. They really do seem to be aimed squarely at the Casual market right now since it would cost less to make shovelware that anyone can hype as the next best thing as opposed to spending some real time and money developing something that will push the hardware.

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Tinasumsum2837d ago

Thanks saves me some time you defeated your own purpose.

imTatsu2837d ago

I found it funny they had a black guy demo it. They're saying "see no more racism!"

But anyways, it looks really cool so far. Hopefully it'll function the same in different environments, wonder how close the camera has to be to your face.

RIP_Weazel2837d ago

Hmmm. It doesn't seem to want to track any shoulder or core movement past 5 secs.
Manipulated Bullshots?

FragMnTagM2837d ago

There was never a problem with black people detection. I got it on launch and the next day, one of my family members, who is black, used it with no problems in a dimly lit room.

I have even had on black pants with black long sleeve shirt and it works with no problems.

Sensationalist media was/is the only problem.

nopunctuation2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

is this the matrix

nopunctuation2837d ago

jesus no one can take a joke

Kon2837d ago

Not in N4G, not here.

imTatsu2837d ago

It's okay, i'll give you a thumbs up! =D

Obama2837d ago

yes it's the matrix minus the cool and graphic factor.

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