1UP: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Still Impresses All these Years Later

Ocarina of Time was more than just the first installment of the Zelda franchise to make the transition from 2D sprites to 3D polygons. It also took the series for a cinematic whirl with sweeping symphonic melodies and dynamic camera angles to introduce new areas. When young Link first entered the Great Deku Tree, the camera showed the very top of the cavernous trunk's interior before panning down to the small boy standing in the entrance.

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Balt 2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I never got past the 1st part in the tree. It was just drab and boring and never really felt like a Zelda game to me. The colors seemed muted and the graphics just didn't sing to me. Then again no 3-d game really ever does. They never age well, let's put it that way.

I loved Zelda, Zelda 2 and Zelda 3, though. To this day they sit high, high on my list of all time greats.