Ford and General Motors Uses Kinect Sensor for Interactive Digital Display

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ford, among many car companies are revealing and showing off their next generation vehicles. Amidst all the hot rods, the Kinect makes a somewhat undercover appearance at the Ford booth as part of an interactive display installation.

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k-Lan2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Weird. I would think they would go with Move instead. LMAO! Obviously i'm joking. I think by now they would've already given the Wii a try.

Karooo2841d ago

I am sure they played Killzone 3 with wii

Jack Meahoffer2841d ago

But Kinect is just a webcam right? That's what all the reality twisters in N4G wold have us all believe...

Cause we always see webcam "hacks"'and companies like Ford usin them in displays.

zootang2841d ago


***Although Ford didn't use the Kinect to its full potential -- it's only function appears to be to take a photo where the rest of the interaction is still touch-based...***

So just a webcam then....

k-Lan2841d ago

BUttt buuuutt but isn't Killzone 3 a PS exclusive? How would they have played it? Btw, i'm sure everybody can't wait to get their hands on Killzone 3 with Move controls. Are you going to buy a plastic gun or try and use the same plastic gun you use on your Wii?

ActionBastard2841d ago ShowReplies(2)
OtherWhiteMeat2841d ago

Hope that they're not using the government bailout money for this.

user83971442841d ago

Ford didnt get the bail out money unlike GM and dodge.

btk2841d ago

A camera would be an interesting control mechanism in a car. Wonder how practical it would be - you don't want to be distracted by triggering a control by accident. Touch screens is most likely more practical.