Why Red Faction is Better Than Your Mother


"The answers should be fairly obvious. When I pitched the idea for this article to the rest of the staff, they all said the same thing: “You came out of your mom’s vagina! How could Red Faction be better than the one who gave you birth?” But there are so many things you can do in Red Faction that make it awesome, whereas there are only two things you can do in your mom’s vagina..."

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Organization XII2929d ago

My mother is better than you all bitches.

Quagmire2929d ago

Not what I thought last night....giggity.

poopface12929d ago ShowReplies(3)
Quagmire2929d ago

And on that note, I'm off to sell my own mother at the market to earn enough money for Red Faction :)

x8002929d ago

how old is this guy 10? better than your mother get out of here. kids.

Apocalypse Shadow2929d ago


is this really going to get approved?.....

Komega2929d ago

Your right, it shouldn't have been approves because it's not a "PS3 FTW" article;)

Bathyj2929d ago


Now why do YOU have to be that guy?

poopface12929d ago

are you really going to cry about it?

Kon2929d ago

Why this article keeps talking about my mom's vagina?

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The story is too old to be commented.