Donkey Kong Country Running on PS3 via Geohot's "Jailbreak" Custom Firmware

A video has just popped up on YouTube showing a PS3 user being able to emulate the Super Nintendo version of Donkey Kong Country via a PS3 "Jailbreak" custom firmware released earlier in the week by iPhone hacker George Hotz, better known as Geohot.

The video cannot be embedded here due to the YouTube user disabling access of embedding the video but you can see the video via this link:

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deadreckoning6662842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )


@Yi-Long- I think its cool, but in general I think its more trouble than its worth. If I were to do this, I'd have to buy ANOTHER PS3 to hack because theirs NO WAY I'm risking my 60gb. And for what...old Nintendo Sega games that I can EASILY get by hacking an Ipod touch?

Even when hackers figure out how to emulate PS1 and Dreamcast games on the PS3....why the hell would I waste my time hacking my PS3 to play these games when I can get them right now at RIDICULOSLY cheap prices?

I'm impressed by what hackers are doing, but if were talking real-life application here...its JUST-NOT-WORTH-IT, at least not until hackers find a way to:

1)Rip PS3 games that are capable of online play
2)Be able to download DLC for ripped games
3)Maintain the latest firmware update

Yi-Long2842d ago

With more and more great homebrew coming out, like support for bigger HDD's, MKV-playback, regionfree DVD & BR, and emulators ... this could turn the PS3 into the ultimate media-player!

Just awesome stuff.

Organization XII2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

i want to see some dreamcast roms running on that, it would be awesome if someone made a firmware to emulate wii games for PS Move.

nycredude2842d ago

Watch them remove region free. Then you guys will have something new to bitch about instead of playing games.

MoreRPG2842d ago

just make the ps3 play mkv files and im sold

Dan502842d ago

@ NYC why would they remove region free gaming? That has NOTHING to do with homebrew.

Ch1d0r12842d ago

ps3 already plays MKV, what are you guys talking about???

sonnyz2841d ago

The PS3 plays my MKV's just fine. Otherwise you can just transcode them in like a minute or two using MKV2VOB.

Theonik2841d ago

PS3 doesn't play MKV files...

Unknow_Master2841d ago

oh i though hacking the ps3 was bad and now all i see is :nice cant wait to play this or to do that!
its nice cause i cant wait to download or dump my game into my hdd.

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nycredude2842d ago

I can run this on my G2 android phone. What is the big deal with this? When/if they ever release a emulator that runs these old games using CELL and graphics like Uncharted 2 then I could care less for playing games I can get already on cell phones or computers

AndrewRyan2842d ago

I play classic SNES titles on my iPhone all the time :) People are only disagreeing with you because I believe some of them have mistaken the old Donkey Kong Country for the new Donkey Kong Country Returns.

RankFTW2841d ago

It's "COULDN'T CARE LESS" not "could care less". I see this all the time and it pisses me off.

FACTUAL evidence2842d ago

Extremely pointless......why bother when I can download a SNES emulator on my pc in less than 5 minutes.

Darkfocus2842d ago

your PC goes to every TV in your house right? I have 3 pcs(and a laptop but I don't like using it...I swear it'll melt a hole in the floor after an hour) but that still leaves 2 TV's(one of which has a ps3 hooked up) not covered by a pc... and I play old games more often than the one other TV is a crt that has my snes,genisis,nes, and wii hooked up, that way I can play old games on any of my TV's :p

shoddy2842d ago

That sound stupid.

If you can play U3 or KZ3 for free and online now that worth all the risk.

From all the apps I see so far is useless.
I already have a good computer.

Mahr2842d ago

"From all the apps I see so far is useless.
I already have a good computer."

That is because the ability to create, sign, and run Homebrew apps was only released in the past couple days. Signing pre-existing apps made to run on computers takes *much* less time than writing PS3-specific apps from the ground-up.

adlt2841d ago

My laptop has HDMI output and stays quite cool. It's great.

Eiffel2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )


And you wonder why people want PS2 backwards compatibility to play their PS2 games on their PS3? It's all about simple convenience. One main reason behind doing this, was to see if one could, and it looks like you can. Too many people are crying foul here over something as simple as this, anal much?

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kewlkat0072842d ago

Your Fat Ps3 will eventually die anyhow so get a Slim and use CFW on the FAT. I'm already in that boat, spent over $700 when I bought the fat, damn laser.

vickers5002841d ago

Having your ps3 sent off to have the laser fixed is MUCH cheaper than buying a new ps3.

BYE2841d ago

Buying a laser on ebay and doing it yourself is even cheaper.

kewlkat0072840d ago

Really so how much to fix it? My Fat Ps3 is running 3.1 Firmware since I never touched it after it broke, had to finish FFXIII on the slim, I'm sure sony will update my firmware when it comes back.

vickers5002839d ago

65 to fix the laser. You have to pay for shipping though. Still not as bad as having to pay 150.

You could attempt to do it yourself as Ceekay suggests, but would you really want to risk breaking something inside the ps3 or causing some kind of static shock unknowingly caused by you which messes your ps3 up beyond repair?

If you feel confident enough disassembling your ps3 and making sure you don't break anything and are in the right environmental conditions for it, then go for it. Even with something like a video tutorial, there are unexpected issues that could arise, so I wouldn't try to mess around in your ps3 unless you know what you were doing.

If you want the place I sent mine off to, then just PM me and I'll send you a link to the store.

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solidt122841d ago

*buy ANOTHER PS3* Oh no, alot cheaper just to buy a Wii and play Donkey Kong on that. It is not worth hacking a PS3 yet because it still cost too much. When they get down to $100 then that's when it makes since to have a hacked system and a non hacked system. Either way I say just buy the original and skip hacking all together.

sam22362841d ago

@Ch1d0r1 & sonnyz: The PS3 can't play MKV files. Stop trolling.

thorstein2841d ago

Meh, he is just using an emulator and obviously the other OS option... I already have one on my PC.

If there was something really, really new, I might get a tad excited but right now, I am facing south.

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Balt 2842d ago

Ummmm, no. You're right. It doesn't. But that still doesn't stop me from wanting Mame on the PS3 as an app.

That's why I said "MAME or BUST!!!"

Meaning, snes, gen, nes all that is welcomed, but I'd love to see Mame on there.

ThatArtGuy2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I took the measurements from the original Track & Field (1984) cabinet, shrunk it down to 4' for my daughter, and threw in an all in one motherboard in it for the price of a new PS3. Much better for emulators, and more authentic. Here it is (missing the artwork marked by the alternate colors):

DelbertGrady2841d ago

I had an amazing MAME collection for the original XBOX, with all of the best Capcom and Neo-Geo games, among others.

Dylantalon12842d ago

pointless. hack the expensive ps3 so you can play a few old games that will often times be a bore in minutes while not being able to go online to play ps3 games.

Bigpappy2842d ago

That pretty kool. But I have never run a hack on any of my consoles. I know others who have fun with it though.

jack who2842d ago

play pokemon on it n am getting a ps3