Is XBLA Microsoft’s Saviour In 2011?

On the horizon are some stunning looking titles for LIVE, and TheSixthAxis takes a look at the ones that have caught their eye.

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MariaHelFutura2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )


That`s just funny, from alot of perspectives.

deadreckoning6662839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

What exactly is XBLA saving Microsoft from? And how would downloadable Xbox Arcade games "save" Microsoft, which is a corporation?

@thebudgetgamer- Yeah, like the "saving" I need from the 8 eyed white dinosaur monster under my bed lol.

Ducky2839d ago

^ Nothing saves better than a memmory card.

nycredude2839d ago

Maybe MS needs Martin Brodeur..

PS3 Supremacy2839d ago


Marty Brodeur? With the horrid year him, Koval$uck, and the Devils are having? HA!

DualConsoleOwner2839d ago

wont save them from lack of exclusives

AAACE52839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

MS has been slowly easing us into the idea of download only games! Retail games are coming out on Games on Demand a lot sooner than they used to and will continue until they are released at the same time as retail versions. The quality of XBLA games has come a long way in the past several years and will only get better as time goes on.

As sneaky as MS are, I wouldn't doubt them to try something like releasing a download only version of FFXIII Versus in an effort to prevent gamers from complaining about quality loss. Yeah, it would take forever to download, but it would be the full game. If MS announces a 500 Gb HDD, expect a lot of their big games like Forza 4 to be released as a download.

The more I think about it, I wouldn't mind downloading high quality games on either console. But the average games should get a retail copy so you can sell it once you're done with it!

One Arcade game I am still looking forward to is Breach! Looks like it has lots of potential!

ManGastaS2839d ago

One thing I learned in this generation, games are not enough to save one console from another, if this were the case the Wii would be dead a long time!

One thing I am seeing happen in this generation is that Xbox 360 is going to a place where the Wii and PS3 are not going to go that thanks to Kinect.

Will not be long until people understand only the 360 can offer experience that other consoles can not and that is what Microsoft wants more. People like things they do not understand.
Microsoft already released the Xbox 720 Beta without their opponents realizing that!!!

DualConsoleOwner2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

except that Final Fantasy 13 versus is PS3 exclusive....


open YOUR eyes. fanboy. a lot of gamers own gaming console for games.

only fanboys like you care about sales which is useless without games.

btw, according to you, Xbox is new wii.. full of shovel ware and lacking hardcore games.

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Kon2839d ago

I failed to see how this is funny.

MAG_SVER2839d ago

You know what is even more funnier, you FA!L at

Kon2839d ago

@MAG_SVER Congratulations.

darthv722839d ago

still one of THE BEST shmups of the 20th century.

Gen0ne2839d ago

That's messed up, I was just talking to my friend moments ago about that game. But, Einhander, takes the crown methinks.

Godmars2902839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Even when talking about XBLA, they have to mention multiplatform titles.

What irks though are Bang-O and Silvergun which should also be on the PS3 as well, since they're older games, yet MS went to the effort to secure them as exclusives.

darthv722839d ago

super stardust is not a new game and yet it is a ps3 exclusive.

Just to keep it fair, you cant complain about one without complaining about the other.

Godmars2902839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Super Stardust *HD* is several computer generations removed from its Amiga parent. With Sony publishing it whereas Bang-O and Silver are still owned by Treasure. Their graphics not really changed and only upscaled where demanded.

Besides, no one was looking for Stardust when it came to the PS3 where its remade its name. The opposite is true of Radiant Silvergun, which almost costs as much as a 360 on ebay.

Convas2839d ago

Well, one thing is for sure, MS has been doing a superb job with XBLA. I will give them that.

As a matter of fact ... I would say that it seems that they've figured that they don't have much First Party Studios, so they decided to throw themselves all the way behind XBLA.

Hmmm ...

Deathstroke2839d ago

More like "Can XBLA save the 360?"

Obvious answer being "No".

BrutallyBlunt2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"This is the closest that 360/Kinect owners will get to touching a girl."

That was a recent comment of yours. Normally i would say something in return but after giving it some thought is it really worth it?

I think the media is much to blame for the conduct in forums. Just look at the head title "Microsoft's Saviour in 2011". It's an obvious attempt at getting ones attention and it does.

When you look at stories and the responses to each story you start to see a defining pattern. Look at how many responded to the 2nd Little Big Planet getting a 7.5 from Destructoid. The same would happen with Halo Reach. In fact I bet more so than if the next Zelda got a 7.5. Why? It is because the media has emphasized this console war between the XBOX360 and the PS3. They are so similar in markets and game libraries that any differences between the two get magnified.

Which means if it is a light year for 'core' games on the XBOX360 it is much more noticeable than the lackluster line-up on the Wii for example. Plus with Kinect getting so much attention it seems like nobody wants to hear about it or cares about it. So those games become exempt and i'm sure the XBOX360 haters will want to downplay the importance of Kinect any chance they get as well.

It's a vicious circle with the most important thing being lost along the way of why we even play video games, having fun.

Plus you add the fact N4G supports more Playstation 3 owners within the forums and you get a good sense of how unbalanced things soon become. I am a Playstation 3 owner but i am appalled at the nature of some members comments. But as i say, i don't really blame them, i blame articles like these.

The XBOX360 is over 5 years old now. Microsoft has come a long ways yet some act like they haven't improved and wish they would just go away. Why? Why has the anonymity of fellow members given such bravery with a keyboard? Oh that's right, the media creates the spark and we turn to flames.

I notice i already have 2 disagrees but no comments that follow. This just goes to show the nature of the beast i so explained. Anonymity is like Kryponite to some. So stay green with envy, that's ok.

punkpop1012839d ago

It can't.Since the 360 doesn't need saving.

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