Kinect's Market Saturation

Microsoft's intentions are clearer, but the feeling is grim for the core 360 gamer.

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OGharryjoysticks2933d ago

You have to wonder...the article brings up an interesting point. It says without Kinect there might not have been a slim console release. I'm curious if MS knew Kinect would Red Ring older models as reported, and that's why the redesign was released. Granted, never in a million years would they ever face up to that awarenesss, because having that knowledge and still releasing Kinect without proper warning to all owners would have to be practically illegal. But keep in mind these are the same guys who denied and manipulated RROD cases for years. Who knows how many lawsuits went against them regarding it and what were the outcomes in the end when they granted the 3 year warranty (like did that help them in certain court cases towards the end?)

Tinasumsum2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

What the heck are you and the author of this article going on about? neither of you make sense sounds like yelping birds in distress. Casuals over the hardcore? and Kinect RROD old 360s? All myths with no evidence.

NewMonday2932d ago

The article doesn't talk about RROD, it made a valid point, and can we give MS some criticism without being labeled fanboys?

Just look at the MS publication history for the 360, it was the best for first 2 years, IMOO it was crazy to go for a PS3 back then, but then "project Natal" happened and focus on HC games declined, 2011 is the worst.

Kinect is succeeding, but it's getting to much success, if MS allocated extra funds for it without reducing resources on HC games then I wouldn’t care.

If fans gave them real criticism instead of being apologists then they may actually wake up, they think they own the 360 fanbase as it stands and nothing can go wrong.

AAACE52932d ago

OK Harry, I'll give you that one. I have had suspicions that having a camera hooked up to a 360 makes it go out! My first 2 had the Vision cam and they died. This current one has not had the cam and it's going like a pro. And I have had it since late 2008!

What I won't let slide is you saying MS knew the console had problems and just kept it quiet and wouldn't acknowledge it! When my 360's went out, MS fixed them. I went through 5 Ps2's because of the Disc Read Error problem and Sony wouldn't do a thing for me and countless others!

You do the math... over 140 million sold, yet this new one has a problem trying to get over 50 million within 4 years... And people talk about how reliable the Ps3 is. If that's not proof that the majority of that 140 million were repeat buyers due to faulty equipment, I don't know what is!

SMOK3xFFx2933d ago

I've been using my Kinect on the old arcade model since launch and had zero problems.

gamer78042932d ago

I agree, been using mine on an arcade model just fine, these are just baseless conspiracy theories.

Dorwrath2932d ago

I used Kinect on my old 360 Elite all through the beta with no issues at all.

Any old 360s that RROD are just coincidence, it was their time to go and would have RROD with or without Kinect

Bigpappy2932d ago

I am using Kinect with my old 360. I don't know anyone who had this problem.

Hands Up For Games2932d ago

Are you basing the nonsense you typed as fact or just more made up theories like this article is?

You gotto love the internet sometimes!

Ryudo2932d ago

Is anything typed on N4G generally regarded as fact, because most of the stuff I read on here generally belongs in an science fiction novel. That or the top 100 dumbest quotes of all time....

OGharryjoysticks2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

You guys above are a joke. Judging from all your posts, the 360 is the most reliable system ever. I guess MS was right and there was never a RROD issue because you special chosen select few never got one and therefore it's a myth just like Kinect breaking older models. That loss MS took of over a BILLION dollars to extend the warranties was just because they are really nice like AAACE5 thinks and was a waste of money then. It wouldn't have anything to do with deception because they wouldn't do that since it would be the first time (false) and they treat their cusomters right (false again) so they deserve the benefit of the doubt. But since we're here I'll give you more food for thought - the thing working in MS favor now is how do you prove the older model didn't just break for the usual reasons instead of Kinect being the culprit? Oh well, nevermind...any problems with the 360 are just conspiracy theories, and you guys and your friends just magically got the reliable ones. Congrats!

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DelbertGrady2932d ago

Conspiracy theories like this one are bound to pop up now and again, especially considering the latest NPD numbers.

Ryudo2932d ago

Thanks for that insightful and all around helpful comment keep up the good work.

BabyTownFrolics2932d ago

the fact that people are trying to blame Kinect for this BS is pathetic.

GeneGodHand2932d ago

I'm so worried SIKE i don't even own one to be worried XD

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