Bungie copyrights possible names for next game

XMNR: It is no secret by now that Bungie has moved on to multi-platform game development after releasing Halo: Reach last September. What their next game may be is currently a mystery but a noted internet sleuth may have found some clues.

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Kon2928d ago

Dead Orbit huh? Looks like an space shooter

King-Leonidas2928d ago

Dead... Orbit...? You dont say...

Nitrowolf22928d ago

idk now with a title like that, that what i thought right away

ilikestuff2928d ago

you hit the nail on the head plaaaaaaayerrrr

Zydake2928d ago

Reminds me of Dead Space but idk why?

awiseman2928d ago

I played Dark Orbit its a small mmo about space mining. It has nothing to do with bungie and has been around for quite awhile

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thebudgetgamer2928d ago


bungies great i cant wait to see what they come up with.

RockmanII72928d ago

Whatever Bungie is making, I trust that it will be good. From those trademarks it sounds like the game will have ties to Ancient Egypt. Wonder if it will be like the show Stargate SG-1.

Mr Exclusive2928d ago

ef these consolites Bungie. Come back to PC.

FailOverHero2928d ago

Hope it isn't Osiris or New Monarchy, those sound pretty lame. Dead Orbit sounds good

SoSLy2928d ago

those names are actually great for a game. If you have heard there is already a game called "Dead Space", so "Dead Orbit" would be pretty effin lame of Bungie. Osiris and New Monarchy sounds good for those who actually knows what those games might become, or those who can actually understand what they mean.

Kurt Russell2927d ago

Osiris and New Monarchy I thought are the most promising names :(

DeadlyFire2927d ago

Name doesn't matter if the game is bad ass the name will stick and people will love it.

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The story is too old to be commented.