The Independent: Kinect clinches gaming hardware award at CES 2011

Microsoft's hands-free Kinect for Xbox 360 has taken a CES 2011 Innovation Award in the Electronic Gaming Hardware category, beating off competition from the PlayStation Move controller, OnLive MicroConsole, Sefteo's Cubits, and a plethora of top peripherals.

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''Innovation Award in the Electronic Gaming Hardware category,''

*Scratch head*


M4ndat0ry_1nstall4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

Well if they simply had to give the award out, it wouldn't exactly make sense to give it to something like...I don't know...PS Move? as it's about as original as a PS3 troll in 360 tagged article. Kinect basically won it because it's the "it" thing right now nothing more.

PS: I don't think Kinect deserved the award though, maybe OnLive?

darthv724638d ago

The kinect wasnt revealed at ces 2011 so why should it receive an award at ces 2011? I would think that type of award be given to something revealed at the show.

Mustang300C20124638d ago

Neither was Move or Onlive revealed at CES 11 so doesn't seem it matters.

Tinasumsum4638d ago

Your response isn't a surprise given your history here.

FailOverHero4638d ago

*loud echo is heard between alfa's ears as he scratches head*
OT: congrats to microsoft and the company they bought the tech from. Nobody believed in you guys and your hardware AND software sales and this award are like a large middle finger and grin to all the naysayers and haters. Well done
People say GT5 sales prove that reviewers don't know anything and gamers vote with their wallets. It's a pity they do not extend this very logic to kinect. . .

Maddens Raiders4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

CES 2011 Innovation Award..."

sorry I chuckled a bit there and didn't bother to continue reading. Was this prestigious award jointly shared w/ the PS2?

3XP4637d ago

Haha, Madden has been relegated to a parttime N4G troll. He only shows up to add to the already overwhelming troll population and never seems to add anything constructive to the conversation.

No surprise there though.

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Bigpappy4638d ago

Well its just an award. Some body had to get it. I am more impressed by or 7 million people buy Kinect for a minimum of $150 in just 2 months. 3mil would have been a big success, but 7+ mil is just crazy.

Peoples opinion over organized opinion any day.

thebudgetgamer4638d ago

but they do know how to get their stuff out there. that's impressive.

Tinasumsum4638d ago

The award and the sales is a reflection of this new advanced hardware+software.

MintBerryCrunch4638d ago

what do sales have to do with advanced hardware?

thats like saying big sales make a game great, which is not the case

xtremegamerage4638d ago

Advanced, rofl.

Pull the other one Tinasumsum.

I've played them all.


Move is the best motion tech this gen.

Stealth20k4638d ago

so no games and hype and a ripped off camera can get you the award?

Sign me up for my toilet with camera!!!!