RipTen’s Guide to Becoming a Typical Video Game Protagonist (For Ladies)

RipTen: At some point, we’ve all wanted to be that badass character in a video game. After all, who wouldn’t want to perform death-defying stunts, kill people in exotic locations, and get the love interest at the end of it all? A few weeks ago we spelled it out for the Guys, tonight it’s ladies night!

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jaredhart2837d ago

Lols! Hilarious but true!

dkblackhawk502837d ago

I just want to stare at the...wait what?

bfenty2837d ago

*forwards to my girlfriend*

vicious69832837d ago

It's true. I feel that some companies are at least trying to make less typical characters. Unfortunately, most of them falls into these categories.

jaredhart2837d ago

that's what makes this funny.

xino2837d ago

I will get disagree again but it's true.
women are made of meat that men wants to devour!
reference- check PS Home!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

Hitman07692837d ago

this is some funny stuff!

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