The 2011 Battle for Mobile Gaming: Apple Iphone vs. Nintendo’s 3DS

2011 is going to be a banner year for mobile gaming. A year ago, I was planning on breaking my piggy bank to buy Nintendo stock for the 3DS alone. However, that was a year ago, and we’ve seen Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices unexpectedly catapult themselves into the mobile gaming arena in ways no one could have predicted.

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AmigoSniped2838d ago

My current DS sits at home collecting dust somewhere and then my iPhone is constantly being charged because I use it so much. I think if I get a 3DS I will use it for a month and then it will go back to what is happening now. Its just the fact that im trying to carry around less not more and my iPhone does that.

darthv722838d ago

I used to think like that. I always wanted a portable device where i could have my music and movies and do games and use it as a phone. Come to find out that after having all that in one device....i didnt use any of it except the phone.

go figure.

I dont think it will be much of a battle as the title implies. People know nintendo and the popularity of the ds brand much like it was about the gameboy before it. It was like it didnt matter if something better was on the wasnt the gameboy.

Iphone gaming, will do ok but 3ds will still keep nintendo in the spotlight.

ChaingunPope2838d ago

I cannot freakin' wait for the 3DS!!

maxcavsm2838d ago

But for how much longer? Think that we're going to see a changing of the guard over the next few years...

Ratchet5102838d ago

3Ds shits on apple Iphone anytime even on their sleep, i rather pick psp but this 3Ds vs Iphone and like a real sony fan i rather pick nintendo as my second favorite systems rite after sony.