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Despite being arguably one of the most interesting game developers (on either side of the Pan-Pacific divide) working today, Grasshopper Manufacture games have never received much commercial recognition. Grasshopper's head, Goichi Suda (literally translated as Suda 51), has established himself as something of a 'punk rock' game designer—an ideology that carries through the typical mixture of commentary, absurdity, and meta-humor that more often than not defines his company's games. Historically, Grasshopper's fans know what this generally means for each new release: good critical reception (at least when reviewers understand that Suda's games shouldn't simply be taken at face value), relatively bad sales. It also means that with the exception of last year's No More Heroes sequel Desperate Struggle, no Grasshopper series released stateside has ever been revisited.

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Here's hoping they make a No More Heroes 2 port to the PS3 if this one does good in sales, fucking loved the sequel, would love to play it in HD