Playstation lifestyle: PSN Review – Eat Them!

Developers of the hit PlayStation Network title Savage Moon, FluffyLogic certainly know how to make a stellar downloadable game. But can their latest PSN-exclusive title continue to shine, or does the monster rampage game, Eat Them!, fail to meet expectations?

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Godmars2902932d ago

Just hearing about escort missions for this game turns me off it.

doctorstrange2932d ago

I dont know why so many games poorly implement them. Especially with the poor camera its rather annoying.

Lifewish2932d ago

i cannot stand escort missions.. they are never done right

Godmars2902932d ago

Its not really that, but that such a thing has absolutely no right or excuse being in rampaging monster game.

ThanatosDMC2932d ago

The game could have been better. I bought it on the first day. Also, putting descriptions on monster parts and what it does should have been on there. There should be a real survival mode instead of a 4 minute survival mode.

I also dont understand why they change the colors of the monters in multiplayer. Why cant i have the monster i designed? It's easy to keep an eye on it too since it's a hulking towering giant with laser arms and laser head.

BigWoopMagazine2932d ago

sounds so disappointing. I really liked the graphical style too, very unique... oh well.

T3mpr1x2932d ago

Well that's unfortunate. I might still get it once it goes on sale, or if it's available for PS+ subscribers later...

sam22362932d ago

Ah, crap. And I was hoping for another War of the Monsters.

Sev2932d ago

I played this at a SCEA preview event, I enjoyed what I played, but I definitely could see it getting repetitive fast. That, and it was annoying how fast you died even being a giant monster.

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