Story Dev-Diary for Dragon Age II

GameSpot just posted a timed-exclusive trailer for BioWare and EA's Dragon Age II. The video is a developer diary that discusses the story we'll be following in a couple months' time.

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aviator1892893d ago

wow, looks really epic. at time-exclusive trailer

falloutx2893d ago

I'm going to pre-order this tomorrow. Hopefully i'm not too late for the signature edition.

Kon2893d ago

Im preparing myself for this game by playing lots of DA:O

Objective2893d ago

I must say I'm looking forward to this game more than any other for this year.

Neckbear2893d ago

Honestly, Dragon Age: Origins was only fun thanks to the sense of role-playing.

Take that away, make Dragon Effect 2: Linear as fuck Edition, and yeah, no thanks.

jrbeerman112893d ago

I really hope the game isnt as linear as the narrative may suggest. since your going to different places at different times, I wonder how they are going to handle the exploration factor.

I even wonder if you ever get to choose where you want to go, or will this be more like a JRPG where the locations are limited for quite some time until it opens up near the end.

jdktech20102892d ago

I never got this linear still have to do the major story it really that big of a deal that you can't do them in the order of 1,3,2,4 but they "force" you to enjoy a story in the order they want you to of 1, 2, 3, 4.

Someone explain to me how DA:O was that much awesomer because you could do the different towns and areas in whatever didn't enrich my experience at all