Bungie Weekly Update 09/14/2007

This week Bungie shows off a behind the scenes clip of the WETA workshops warthog, the halo 3 nascar, some stuff on the halo 3 "Believe" ad campaign and to be careful on Bungie in the next week or two due to possible spoilers.

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XENOCIDE5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

That 3D Flash environment makes this update the best we've had in a while. That n' the vid of the Warthog...

WafflesID5073d ago

hahaha. Ok...Free advertising works. I ordered some wolfiez beef jerky. Sounded good :)

Granted, I didn't order 300 pounds worth :)

Mattey5073d ago

your going to need somthind good to snack on while you play halo 3 when it comes out ;)

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