Destructoid: LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

For all its new gimmicks and flashing lights, LittleBigPlanet 2 can still be best described as a great way to make substandard games. It's fun and it's cute and it's something PS3 fans should check out, but it's relying on a concept that was brilliant two years ago, and just isn't enough anymore to catapult the game into true greatness.

You're good, LittleBigPlanet 2. But you're not quite as brilliant as you want to be.

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Dark_Charizard3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I didn't expect this blasphemy! Especially since Destructoid's GotY was Super Mario Galaxy 2, a platformer.

kancerkid3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

OMIGOD, they used the whole 10 point scale instead of just 8-10!


zootang3815d ago

Destructoid got struck off my list along time ago.

ksense3815d ago

no one would read if it was another 9 or 10 so lets give it a 7.5 and see what happens...

pixelsword3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Going to Destructoid for gaming advice is like going to RuPaul for advice on how to attract a chaste Christian lady.

No hits for you, Destructoid!


jack_burt0n3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

pixel wins the internetz.


"Going to Destructoid for gaming advice is like going to Jim Sterling for advice on how to attract a chaste Christian lady."

"Going to Destructoid for gaming advice is like going to Jim Sterling for advice on how to lose weight."

MAJ0R3815d ago

LBP1 has a 75 on MC and still averages a 95

ChineseDemocracy3815d ago

This is why we have sites like Metacritic. With a clear average of around 90-95%, it's pretty clear that these guys be trollin'.

Haters gon' hate.

Trebius3815d ago

disgraceful. to give such an amazing game full of so much unlimited amount of content, and on top of that it's visually stunning.

they just want hits, they have no respect for their 'profession'.

MmaFanQc3815d ago

Jim Sterling opinion dont matter,

kerrak3815d ago

Jim Stertrolling:
Yeah, LBP is an old formula already 2 years old. Who would want more of the same old shit?
Can't wait to breath some fresh air and new ideas with COD27, Halo8, Guitar Hero16, FinalFantasy27, Mario62, Madden33 and NeedForSpeed15.

pimpmaster3815d ago

7.5 :( looks like it has a long way to go to even be as good as deadly premonitions 10.

rosebowl233815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )


stopped reading right there, one of the biggest joke sites in the industry. desperate for hits they must be.

ExplosionSauce3815d ago

why the jumping in LBP is always brought up as an issue.

Get used to it, it's physics based.

ikkokucrisis3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jim Sterling's Review Formula:

If it's bad it's good, if it's good it's bad...

...unless it's sponsored.

sikbeta3814d ago

Destructoid? and we have to take this site serious? bwahahahaha, thanks for the laughs XD

Razmossis3814d ago

@ everyone above.

Are you implying 75 is a bad score?

gta28003814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )


For a game of that caliber..yes.

These reviewers shouldn't even be basing their scores on just their opinions on games. Cause opinions are like ass holes, everyone's got one and it stinks. They should review games on the technical aspects, story telling, what it offers to the gaming community and just anything like that. Not on personal stuff like "oh, this game is the same as 2 years ago and I don't like that so I'm just gonna give it a 75". It's always those type of reviewers that give shit reviews to things that deserved higher scores. If I was a reviewer and lets say I was reviewing a game that had all the goods that it needs to get a deserving 10/10. Best graphics, awesome story, great game play mechanics, great online features, etc. But it's a sequel and although its as good if not better than the last I decide to give it a 50/10 just because I don't like that it's almost the same as the last one, I think it would be safe to call that BS! I would review it and score it from all the technical aspects and then point out what I personally didn't like. ie: "This game has great graphics, great story, great online, great game play mechanics which gives it a well deserved 9.8/10, although I personally didn't like the main character, a level, a song, or it was the same as last year, etc etc".
Not "I personally don't like this game sooo ummm lets drop a lot of points on this and act like the hard critic".

MmaFanQc3814d ago

Are you implying jim sterling is a game reviewer?

disturbing_flame3814d ago

Sad to see clever and smart games destroyed like that when Halo or COD shit are considered as GOTY.

Boatz3813d ago


Are you serious? A review is the OPINION of the person writing it, but writing their opinion is the LAST thin they should do?

You're right, the plot, graphics, gameplay are all important, but in the end, it's whether the final combination is FUN. Halo 3 was well built, had good graphics, had a deep plot, and pretty good gameplay, but I'd still only give it a 7.5 because, in the end, it didn't blow me away like it did so many others. World or Warcraft is another example, looking at the expansive world, big (if sometimes hard to find) plot, and meticulous attention to detail in the gameplay, by your classification of games, it should be loved by all, but just because it has all these good things does not mean everyone's going to like it.

If Jim Sterling had really written this to stir up controversy, he would've given it a 1 or 2. But he gave it a 7.5 (which, as everyone seems to be forgetting, is a good score, here in the UK, 75% would get me a first in my degree :D) because that's what HE thought it deserved.

IMO, he's dead on. 2D platformers that you have to build yourself shouldn't get anything more than a 7.5 :D

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Christopher3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Haven't looked and I know it's a Sterling review. Just can't trust his reviews since he's 99% of the time a sensationalist rather than a realist. I can tell by the news bit posted above that it's Sterling. It screams of his usual poor reviewing capabilities that focus on writing articles to cause controversy rather than truly reviewing a game for what it is.

-Alpha3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Regardless, if you want to go with reviews simply look at the majority. I don't think I look at LBP2 as crucially as he does. I'm in it for the fun local MP personally and to see what others make. I feel that Mm has done a tremendous job expanding the creative tools and listening to the LBP community. It's a worthy sequel.

I have no issue with his review though, and in fact think he did a pretty decent job of explaining his points. It may come off as sensationalist because he simply puts forth a more negative opinion, but I certainly don't dismiss his thoughts entirely. The issue I have is that he seems to weigh the negatives quite heavily and I completely feel that LBP2 is a worthy sequel.

Most reviews still complain about the loose platforming and I can understand why. While I'm not a fan of it, I don't really mind it. I wish they tightened up the jumping but we have MP levels for that. Ultimately I know I enjoyed the platforming and while there were some frustrations with it, it didnt detract overall. I didn't exactly look at LBP as a platformer though that was the main aspect of the SP. I just look at it as an amazing social game.

In fact with LBP2's custom tuning of jumping and focus on genres as opposed to platformers I think the issue is even smaller than before.

Christopher3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I think what pisses me off the most about his reviewing style is sentences that begin with "For all its new gimmicks and flashing lights..".

Last time I checked, all those gimmicks and flashing lights are what make other games as well, including the ones he rates highly.

His tone is undeserved and harsh and honestly a disservice to the people who put their time, effort, and heart into the games they make for us.

***The issue I have is that he seems to weigh the negatives quite heavily and I completely feel that LBP2 is a worthy sequel. ***

That's the sensationalism at work, though. He does something to buck the trend, something over-handed, in order to get hits to his site and get people complaining about his review.

I don't care to argue with him on his site and I think how he reviews is a complete disservice to what reviewing is supposed to be about.

I get what you're saying Alpha, but I don't believe he does it because that's how he feels but because that's what gets him the attention he wants. IMHO, a review should be about just the game and not your need for attention.

Look at his other reviews. He chooses to be overly harsh and focus only on the negative with a score that's below the average by a good amount or he chooses to ignore the huge faults with the game and scores it way above average (especially Dynasty Warrior style games).

-Alpha3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Actually you are right about that, seems like a smug jab to provoke people. But I don't let it bother me. I know LBP2 will be great, I am aware of his complaints and I know that I don't agree/mind them enough to detract from my enjoyment of the game. I know exactly what to expect from LBP2 and I am simply waiting patiently for my copy to arrive at this point. This is one game I've been so sure about that I didn't need reviews to aid me in the purchase.

"I get what you're saying Alpha, but I don't believe he does it because that's how he feels but because that's what gets him the attention he wants"

Probably, I'm not too familiar with his work, but I am aware that he is known for being a sensationalist. Again, I don't care. I haven't played LBP2 aside from the demo but I've been following the game so closely and I simply know what to expect, where to put my expectations, and what I want out of this game. It's not a platformer I'm looking for. It's LittleBigPlanet. I will judge the game on its own merits.

Acquiescence3815d ago

To me, it's not so much the fact that he gives undeniably great games such as LBP 2 relatively low scores that bothers me; it's the tripe that he favours instead. 9 for Singularity, 10 for Deadly Premonition, and I've heard he actually enjoys playing the later Dynasty Warrior games.

The guy is clearly trying to make a bid for subjectivity in video gaming (and fishing for hits by doing so), but flaws are flaws, and there's no way one can convincingly state that something as broken and slapdash as Deadly Premonition is the better game above LBP 2.

Ehh whatever. Everything about the guy is detestable anyhow. I wouldn't expect the likes of him to understand something so universally adored and adorable as LittleBigPlanet 2.

Threesix3815d ago


Alpha, your level headedness is a shining example that I wish more people on this website would have.

As for Sterling, it's a not really a secret that people who even take the time to complain about review scores, are somewhat the target for his work (because they make it so easy for him), but he does give fair points for games and gives a different perspective to what other corporate gaming websites do. To most people, they either love him or hate him.

I hope you enjoy your game.

Christopher3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

***But I don't let it bother me.***

I'm not bothered by Jim Sterling, I just talk about it because it's the topic at hand. I'll never let someone's opinion sway me so strongly. Well, other than my wife's but that's because I have to sleep with her.

Talking about Sterling in a Sterling review article is like talking about sales in a sales article, that's it.

kaveti66163815d ago

I'm just going to go by what I read in the description and I know people will disagree, but I agree with the statement that LBP2 is a great way to make substandard games.

People are praising LBP2 because it provides the tools to create any genre of game, which is impressive. But all of those games that can be created, as far as I've seen are pretty mediocre and the tools provided - the assets - are all dripping with that distinct LBP style so it's difficult to make a level or game with LBP2 that looks truly distinct or apart from other LBP levels.

I can only go by the examples in the beta, and I remember people on this site being really impressed with certain levels such as the first person shooter that was created in LBP2 as well as the remake of Final Fantasy. From the posts on the threads, I felt like people were forcing themselves to be really excited and impressed even though the first person shooter was a very simple, on-rails, corridor type carnival shooter where targets moved across the screen and the player shot at them with a toy machine gun.

And the Final Fantasy remake, while a little more impressive, only made me want to go and play the real final fantasy rather than playing that LBP style remake.

Another example was a fighting game that was modeled after marvel vs. capcom. The moves were extremely limited, the environments bland and cartoony, the sackboy characters only poorly resembled marvel or capcom characters and despite these shortcomings, a bunch of people on this site still praised the level and were like "OMG you can do anything in LBP2."

LBP2 is a game that allows the player to create anything, right? So, it's kind of like a "Jack of All Trades, but a Master of NONE."

I'm just saying, you can't make an RPG in LBP2 that would look more interesting or more fleshed out or more graphically distinct than Fallout 3 or Oblivion or Demon's Souls or Mass Effect.

You can't make a shooter in LBP2 that will have the same intensity as Killzone 3, the same scope and size as Halo's maps, the same artistic beauty as Uncharted 2's maps, or the same features (such as chopper support) as Call of Duty.

You can't make a racing game with physics and tracks as accurate as Gran Turismo or one that has the same accurate vehicle sounds.

You can't make an open world sandbox RPG with the same size and scope and animations as either GTA or Infamous.

Even if you can make any TYPE of game, none of the games, maps or levels you can construct in LBP2, with the tools available or the freedom allowed will ever come close to even the most mediocre, standalone games that exist today.

I'm sorry, but I have never seen, although I have looked and searched and scoured the internet, anything made in LBP or in LBP2's beta, that could by itself be considered a good game.

The fact that you can make anything in LBP2 is just a gimmick that distracts you from the reality that nothing you can make will ever be as fun or engaging as the games you'll probably be emulating.

Christopher3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

@kaveti6616: I think what people are missing is that you only need LBP2 and no former programming/graphical experience to make these games. It's not intended to replace game creation in the industry, it's a tool for allowing normal people to make their own game in the LBP style.

***The fact that you can make anything in LBP2 is just a gimmick that distracts you from the reality that nothing you can make will ever be as fun or engaging as the games you'll probably be emulating. ***

You don't know that. I mean, honestly, there's no way you could make such a declaration. Heck, some of the simplest of games, like Costume Quest, have been more fun for me that high cost AAA titles. The same for many a flash game. It doesn't take high production values or complex engines to make a fun game, it takes talent and a spark of creativity.

kaveti66163814d ago

You're right that I can't make that kind of claim, cgoodno.

But I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

This idea that you can make anything doesn't necessarily mean a great deal unless the people who are creating these levels have the talent to pull it off, and I don't think they do.

With the first LittleBigPlanet, I didn't see anything that impressed me. I played it a little and thought it was a decent platformer, though the jump response time irked me.

With this game, I think the boundaries have widened, but the audience is still the same. I don't think anyone is going to make a compelling game or level with LBP2.

If someone makes a fighting game that somewhat looks like a fighting game, somewhat sounds like a fighting game and somewhat plays like a fighting game, will it be more appealing to play than say, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, etc???

I don't think so.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None. That's all I'm saying.

It's like Halo's Forge World. The assets and building blocks of Forge World allow the community to create some awesome stuff, but all the maps have the same cookie cutter feel because the blocks are all the same color and follow the same conceptual design of Halo.

Obviously, LBP2 is larger in scope than Forge World, but it still has limitations that I mentioned in my first post.

mastiffchild3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Look, as soon as you see Jim Sterling attached to anything you KNOW it's dubious. It's sad cos he CAN actually write but his ego needs constant attention and reviews are his stock in trade of massaging it.

You can go back through his history and see the formula at work(remember the 4/10 AC2 attention grab?)-he waits for a game getting almost universal praise(and all the better if it's a big game, an exclusive or a game with a fanbase)then slaps his "controversial" opinion down on the table like it's something to be proud of. It's forced differentiation for the sake of notoriety and hits. If you can't see through the amorphous blob by now you never will.

Fact is JS is a sad man way too full of his self importance and like any internet troll nhe thinks his opinion is the only thing that matters even when it's an opinion just created to spawn attention. By reding ANYTHIG into what he writes you're doing him FAR too much credit. It doesn't stand up to being studied because it's not even what he really thinks and it rarely is. As I said, it's a shame because he isn't without writing talent but he chooses to waste it with his legitimised trolling. Sad as f"$%.

Shadow Flare3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Kaveti, I'm assuming you've never built anything in lbp? When people get amazed by some levels, it's usually because of the sheer imagination and intelligence it took to build it. Point in case, some one built a working calculator in lbp1. A working calculator. Now you might think, whatever, I can use a real calculator. But you're missing the point. Lbp wasn't meant to make calculators. The guy had about a gazzilion different switches and mechanisms to build, he literally built a calculator from scratch. When you understand how complex that is, your jaw drops

See lbp1 was just meant to build platformers. But when people started making side scrolling space ship shoot em ups and stuff, you just scratch your head and did he do that? That's where I get amazed. When I just sit back and, how did he do that?!?

People like myself get excited seeing things like fps or rpg in lbp2 because as a creator you just realise, doors have been opened, omg I never knew you could do that! I guess you wouldn't appreciate it if you weren't a creator. From what I've seen, lbp2 is going to spawn some amazing levels


Sorry kaveti, I just read your second're missing the point of the game entirely. If you're expecting a lbp street fighter game to be better then a capcom street fighter game......uh.......dude, levels in lbp aren't made by developers. Theyre made by normal people with no programming experience. You don't buy lbp because you're expecting to get a better final fantasy game out of it, geez. The fun and appreciation comes out of knowing how much effort one little guy puts into his level. I loved music levels in lbp1. Lots of people recreated songs. Were they better then the original songs? Hell no! But I love them because of the effort I know that's gone into it. Me and all the other creators in lbp are in the same boat with the same tools yet some genius can manage to make something incredible and I just have to sit back and applied him because I did not think of that and it is genius. And aside from that, some levels are a great deal of fun because there are very talented creators out there. You just don't get it at all kaveti

Seferoth753814d ago

And on the PC side someone built a PC within a PC game.

LBP is nothing new. Play create and share has been on the PC and even the Wii for years now. While I am sure its a good game like the first one was Play create and share is something only single console owners are getting excited over. For the rest of it is a case of been there done that

Christopher3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

***But I hope you understand what I am trying to say.***

I believe I do, but at the same time I think people who goof off and play around in LBP aren't looking for such a thing. They're looking for some fan-service, goof around gameplay and just some generic but creative gameplay.

Sure, the LBP fighting games aren't the same as SF4, but they are a way to goof off and play around with friends who may not have the game.

I mean, we watch tons of YouTube videos every day that aren't movie quality, but enjoyable nonetheless. LBP is like that.

And, most importantly to many, it's accessible to their kids and a game that they can enjoy playing with them. My nephews love the heck out of it and can't wait to play a ton of racing games in LBP2.

kaveti66163814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Shadowflare, it's a highly limited editing tool.

It's not a masterpiece. Does Microsoft Paint deserve such accolades because of all the wonderful shit people have drawn with it?

Does Minecraft deserve the same praise because some guy made a working CPU inside the game?

I don't know why you think that this game is so great. Maybe you think I don't get it. But I think that you are not knowledgeable at all about the PC platform and the fact that it has offered programs like this for years, and now LBP2 comes along and it's getting all this praise and is being called innovative and not only is it not innovative but because its userbase are normal people, nearly everything to come out of it will be parodies, cheap emulations of existing IPs. Yeah, it's cute for a while, but it's not worth sixty five bucks. Do you know all those Super Mario flash games on the internet are actually recreations? They're so fucking well-made that people don't even know the difference. That's worth praise.

I think LBP2 is one of the most overrated IPs ever. It does nothing new but people claim it does, it does not provide limitless possibilities but people claim it does, and it will not feature amazing or interesting level creations, but people claim it will.

gta28003814d ago

This review is what a publicity stunt is to a celebrity. All just for attention. Sadly, the target suffers as well as the person looking for attention. LBP2 gets a lower score than it deserves, Destructoid loses credibility and all for what? hits? haha. Hope they made chump change off those hits they got. Cause their credibility should be worth more than any amount of hits.

Shadow Flare3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )


"Shadowflare, it's a highly limited editing tool."

Kaveti, it's a limited tool because the alternative is to go to university, learn how to program, and develop games from a custom built game engine. What you want is a game which allows you to build anything, to any quality, any size, in any style. That's called being a game developer. Most people don't have the time, skill, or capabilities to literally build a fan made final fantasy that's better then the squaresoft version, or a fan made street fighter that's better then the retail capcom version. And the people who make flash mario games are most likely highly skilled at what they do.

Littlebigplanet is a tool to allow ANYBODY the means of creating games, in a very user friendly manner. Some are exceptionally good with these tools so they can create far more impressive things. What you've seen in the lbp2 beta are just half-cocked ideas and tests at what could be made. I'm fully expecting some amazing levels to be made.

I never said that lbp was the only game of it's kind. I'm sure on pc especially, there are lots of games of the manner, and probably more open and sophisticated games. But lbp is unique in that it's the first hugely successful jump into the genre for consoles, and it's so user friendly that anyone can pick it up. Ive always compared it to YouTube, because it's essentially a gaming version of YouTube. Like Cgoodno said, YouTube is full of fan made videos that will never be up to the standard of Hollywood but are still loved and it's similar with how lbp levels won't be to the standard of retail games but the fan made style of them is loved.

It's a very well polished, and charming mini universe that you can jump into and play peoples imaginations. I looked at some minecraft videos on YouTube and there's nothing charming about it, in fact the graphics look worse then ps1 might i add. You seem to, basically hate the praise lbp gets. Don't buy it then. If you really think there are better alternatives out there, stick to them. YOU, go and create a game on them. Build something fantastic on them. Maybe then you'll start to appreciate how friendly the lbp approach is because it's very easy to get stuck into it. As someone who created a lot in lbp1, I've been excited for months to get stuck into lbp2. Because there's so much I want to build. Racing games, music, sophisticated menu screens with intros, arcade games, amazing platformers, little RPGs and I can't wait to build my own little world within this game to share with all. I'm excited about the game. Shoot me.

Oh, just FYI....LBP is a LITTLE less limited then MS Paint.

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Dante1123815d ago

Lol, and even EDGE gave it a 9.

pr0digyZA3815d ago

There's always one that rates a highly rated game a lower score than others.

Motorola3815d ago

When Edge gives a PS3 game over a 8, you KNOW its good

Threesix3815d ago

Except he gives reasons for why it was scored that way which included, unlike SMG2, little improvement to the controls or the flaws of the previous game. He still calls it a good game and the whining over a measly 1.5 point difference won't alter the enjoyment of anyone who bought the game based on their experience with the last one.

Aka don't go "Wah!" someone doesn't review a game the way you don't want it to be reviewed.

nycredude3815d ago

Are you kidding me. Jim the "douche" Sterling is beyond defending bro. Either he is a retard or he has absolutely the worst taste in video games.

"For all its new gimmicks and flashing lights, LittleBigPlanet 2 can still be best described as a great way to make substandard games'

Those substandard games are better than the crap games he gives 9s on a regular basis...

Just saying... I couldn't care less for him or Destuctoid for that matter. They are amongst the bigger joke site on the internet.

saladthieves3815d ago

Destructoid just made it off my list.

-MD-3814d ago

Lol pathetic. You're writing off an entire website due to them giving your game a 7.5/10 essentially a 75% which is very positive.

GarandShooter3814d ago

@ Murderdolls

What's pathetic is you thinking you know the poster you're replying to well enough to judge him/her. LMFAO at your assumed omniscience.

Maybe this is the last in a long line of things that has put someone off the site, the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak.

Perhaps this individual realizes Destructiod is misaligned with his gaming tastes and chooses to spend time elsewhere.

UnwanteDreamz3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Wow I think it is more pathetic that you care what he thinks so much. If this guy doesn't like destructoid it is his right. What are you a Internet Nazi?

saladthieves3814d ago


Let's be honest. Have you seen what LBP 2 was capable of and it was just in BETA? If a game has the ability to create other games, with tools that are not hard to use, then that game must be awesome. The first game was a success. As for desctructoid, it was just the last nail in the coffin.

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MariaHelFutura3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Everyone has an opinion and they can speak it freely if they choose. BUT.....that doesn`t mean YOU have to take it seriously. The LBP2 Beta IMO was better than some/most full retail games.

fantasygamer3815d ago

Its fine.. Sackboy hates Destructoid anyways..

awesomeperson3815d ago

A whole load of 6.5" plush sackboys should be dropped onto his house -.-

Strange_Evil3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Just look at what the shmuck writes in his comment section when someone pointed out it's score...

""Same score as Splatterhouse.

Really, Jim?"

You're right. Maybe I scored Splatterhouse too low."

I know it's his opinion but I take his reviews with a pinch of salt. It's like following Yahtzee's advice on buying game. If you hate a particular genre than you should give someone else to review the game. It might be his opinion, but it can lead people into false advice.

Just look at the comment section on the site!!! Geez it's like a heard of sheep following their master. He even gave Assassin's Creed 2 a 4.5!!

Djinn3814d ago

asscreed 2 is shit so whats your point?

AllyOmega3814d ago

But Yahtzee gives great advice. You just have to listen really closely for some of it.

Keith Olbermann3815d ago

LOL. Seriously...the demo I played was at least a 9. With all those extras thrown in and they give it a 7.5?? This smacks of hater.


Jim Sterling:
''Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults,''

That is a big fat lie.

nskrishna23815d ago

I ain't gonna give the site hits...but just asking...did he really say that LBP lacks replay value?
Like, I mean..for real?
I don't even know what to say..

samuraiX3815d ago

Might lack replay value?


Jim Sterling is an idiot as always.

dead_eye3815d ago

I didn't click on the link. But if he did say that then no need to click bullshit review

TheLastGuardian3815d ago

Over 3 million levels already in the game plus an enormous set of tools for you to make your own games. How in the world does that lack replay value? That's quite the oppposite of lacking replay value. Epic fail from Jim Sterling.

mastiffchild3814d ago

OK, I'm as guilty of it as anyone but it's getting to the point where we should really all stop moaning about people like JS and certainly not keep mentioning his name-it';s what he's after. He's never cared about games or gamers or doing his job and has consistently used his position to bolster a very fragile, fat bloke's ego. This is the only way he can feel important and he deserves our pity rather than our scorn.

Were this an isolated incident I'd take it as red that he just didn't like the game but when you've done the same thing so many times before just for the hits and attention it looks sus. Add to that the fact that the reasons he gives for his docking of points are spurious as all hell and the attention grab is shown for exactly what it is. We shouldn't feed the trolls even when they have a column to legitimise their BS.

I'm never bothering looking or commenting on the guys work again as i5t only encourages the tubby troll. I suggest anyone sick of his self aggrandisement do likewise. AND definitely stop musing the buggers name so often-that's the kind of thing he lives for, sadly.

ambientFLIER3814d ago

Um...I know that you guys are enjoying hating on this guy, but he did NOT say that LBP2 lacks replay value. Here's the quote from the article:

"Score: 7.5 -- Good (7s are solid games that definitely have an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.)"

Nice try, though...

Pollak3814d ago

Nice fake quote there Centauro. What you quoted is the general description of their scoring system.

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darksied3815d ago

Um, they gave Super Mario Galaxy 2 (a copy/paste sequel) a 10 (a freakin' ten; the game was good, but a 10?) and they say Little Big Planet 2 is a 7.5? Where's the thinking?

schlanz3814d ago

SMG2 was a ten by many reviewers standards, including IGN, Edge, Eurogamer, Gamespot, Giant Bomb.. It has like the 3rd highest review average of all-time.. not really that unbelievable because the game is actually as close to perfection as games can get.. level design, control, music, pacing, content.. all pretty much bar-setters.

Eyeco3815d ago

these guys have absolutely no credibility didn't they give Assassins creed 2 a 4/10 ?

HolyOrangeCows3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Sheesh, Jim, I've been liking your reviews lately, but this is BS.

"Other elements, chiefly the game's horribly sloppy physics, really needed fixing but have been left almost intact"
What "sloppy physics"?

"Might lack replay value"
..........what, the, fudge?

I'm so sick of people like you crying about "PSTREE FANBOIS" taking issue with the "score". The fact is that Jim's criticisms are ridiculous. And SMG2 was a cookie-cutter sequel.

mitsuhede3814d ago

@HolyOrangeCows Ignore these retards, they just obsesses over us ps3 fans because they have nothing better to do lol....seeing how most of these 360 fanboys that spam "ps3 fanboys" in every other article have nothing to play xD.