ModNation Monday: Special Guests, Celebrating the Far East

Yep, you guessed it! Our good buddies Jak and Daxter are ready to rip the tracks to shreds in their fresh new Kart.

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specialguest2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I'm not celebrating the Far East.

GeneGodHand2836d ago

Going to pick up this game now its cheap and i heard it is awesome.

B-Real2062836d ago

It is, I've had alot of fun with it.

Yi-Long2836d ago

... but considering they'll be DLC-milking it, I can still wait a while longer till there's a GOTY-edition out some day with all DLC included.

B-Real2062836d ago

@Yi-Long I wouldn't really call what there doing milking.

Dysmorphic2836d ago

I wish they'd put out some free DLC every now and again, like what LittleBigPlanet does.

ForNgoods2836d ago

Actually they have flo and the progressive insurance car on PSN for free i believe.