DC Universe Online Intro Cinematic Gives WoW Cut-Scenes a Run for Their Money

Paul writes, "World of Warcraft is the most popular pay-to-play online MMO-RPG, and with good reason. It fills the need many MMO players have searched their whole life for. Some people love it for the story, but many people simply go for the addictive game-play which comprises a culmination of the many MMOs that came before it as well as adding unique elements.

DC Universe Online is a game that is more of a traditional brawling Action game found on consoles taken to the MMO level. If you thought it was going to be a MMO-RPG clone but with a fighting theme, you are wrong and the game-play footage coming to the surface soon will show that. However, one thing that was a bit shocking to see was this Intro Cinematic cut-scene which honestly gives WoW cuts-scenes a run for their money and shows this game was given a lot of thought and the story is amazing, possibly one of the best for an MMO in a long time.

Take a look for yourself below and tell us what you think."

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Hitman07692933d ago

This is seriously an awesome video, especially for an MMO.

zootang2933d ago

I can't watch it! I'm waiting for the game. I want to though :(

UCMEandICU2933d ago Show
-Mezzo-2933d ago

Agreed, I've never played an MMO, but i am seriously considering give this one a shot.

Keith Olbermann2933d ago

It gives WOW cuts more than a run...

Panthers2933d ago

I still think that SWTOR has the best CGI trailers ever.

AssassinBrotherhood2933d ago

These is a Great MMO but sadly i dont think it will do great on the PS3 because of the subcribtion Fee i am sure alot of us will agree on these why pay 59 ( i dont know how much its going to cost) plus Subcribtion fee just to play it

Chris3992933d ago

Early polls indicate more interest on that platform because this sort of action-MMO is more tailored to a traditional control.

Keep in mind that angry internet rants about SUBSCRIPTIONZZZ!!! (not you, but a lot of console-only owner mindsets) are not indicative of consumer trends.

Grabbing this tomorrow, I've even got a friend and WoW addict coming with me! He was enamoured after the beta and isn't feeling Cata at the moment. So again, I think the numbers for this game will be substantial enough to keep it afloat. Certainly won't be more disappointing and broken than 1/2 the MMOs we've seen over the past many years.

AssassinBrotherhood2933d ago

Thank you for the reply i do agree with your post i am sorry if it sounded like a rant but it wasnt i was just saying) and i would buy it but i dont think it will be worth it for me to buy the subcribtion.

TheHater2933d ago

I really want to get this game but I am turned away by the lack of a lifetime subscription for the PS3 version. :(

Chris3992933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

In the beta, they said that they were "working on it" though.

I hope it appears before the 30 days free runs out. We'll see.


I agree with you completly I was loosely following the game and when I became a PS + member I downloaded the beta and instantly fell in love.

The idea of subscription games has always turned MMO's off for me but after playing the beta I went out and paid for the game the next day. I can't wait for tomorrow.... :) OH YEAH!!!

I think you are wrong when I was in the beta it was insanely packed and you could always find someone to play with and if those gamers had the same experience that I had then I know they are going to pick up the game.

I think the title might be a slow burn but it will be the first big MMO on a console with Sony and DC backing it so it's gonna do great just watch.

sarshelyam2933d ago


Total slow-burn. I'm one of those that thoroughly enjoyed my BETA experience. Sure there were some hiccups, but the missions are interesting, the narrative is fantastic and there were certainly more than enough folks to play with.

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Godmars2902933d ago

Considering the number of great CG movies for games there have been just this past year and in general, why is it that some say Square was to console CG movies what WoW is to PC ones.

Raendom2933d ago

Yeah, I never quite understand that. Most, if not all, CGI is on the same level. Bioware, Bethesda, Valve are all amazing CGI this past few months. I guess it's just the fact there are TONS of Square and Blizzard fans and when one person says they're the best, everyone follows suit.

vgcgames2933d ago

all the videos for this game have been amazing

clintos592933d ago

Hells yeah freakin finally 1 more day & I cant wait to start my new hero up. I just created a new guy the last day of the beta using nature as my power & was enjoying turning into a gorilla as a level 9 taking out higher levels then me on pvp. I cant wait to re create my spartan hero, its going to be off da heezy fo sheezy my neezy lol.

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