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Over the past two years, fans of the automotive genre have been treated to two great simulation titles: Forza Motorsports 3 and Gran Turismo 5. Though we'll probably have to wait until several years into the PlayStation 4's lifecycle to get Gran Turismo 6, Turn 10 isn't waiting so long to release the next installment of Forza. As of this writing, Forza 4 is on track for a late 2011 release, despite only being formally announced several months ago. Though Turn 10 isn't releasing much information on Forza 4 yet, we do have some preliminary details about the game, and what fans can expect from this much-anticipated release.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2933d ago

Cant Wait, This & GT5 Will Be My Favourite Racers. OMG I Like GT & Forza, Im Going To Be Stoned To Death By Fanboys.

zootang2933d ago

I just wish Forza didn't have such long install times and multiple disks.

darthv722933d ago

well, I guess installing the game beats not installing it. Agreed on the multiple discs but oh well.

I can see this being turned around in the wrong direction quickly. There is nothing wrong with liking both. There just isnt.

guigsy2933d ago

Installing the 2nd disc in Forza 3 is a one-time deal, how can you possibly have a problem with that?

Blitzed2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Why did you have a problem with GT5's install then when you wrote:

"It's nice that it's not mandatory, but I can't believe it should take this long regardless."

Its only a one time install, how can you possibly have a problem with that?

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Kon2933d ago

Forza 4 + GT5 = Race games heaven.

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DelbertGrady2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

This generations best console racing simulator returns! Can't wait! :)

@zootang - Judging by its critical reception there's more room for another Forza than there is for another GT.

Forza got great reviews and sales numbers. GT5 got great shipping numbers. PM me when you can swap drivetrains and engines in GT5. Big boy tuning. Is it even possible to swap colors on the cars in GT5? Premium ones only, perhaps?

zootang2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Milked to death! How many have we had already? Same cars and tracks?


Strange the reception Forza got. Really good reviews, CRAP sales. That is all you boys care about isn't it? GT5 outsold it in 2 weeks!

You do know Forza doesn't even accept Logitech G25/27 wheels?

Kon2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Why you people care so much about sales? They don't define if a game is good or not. You can't just enjoy a game without mention sales?

zootang2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )


I couldn't care less how much Gran Turismo sold or sales figures for that matter. I just know he (delbert) likes his sales figures.


Has Forza even got Karts? You know, the place where all processional race car driver start their career. For that matter has it even got Rally or Weather or the Top Gear test track or 16 cars on screen. It doesn't (can't) even support the most popular wheels on the market.

I like Forza as an Arcade racer calling it anything else are just lies!

IRetrouk2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

gt6 hasnt been anounced yet lol, on topic cant wait day 1 for me, same as every other forza, thought i was a gt fanboy didnt ya,

at DelbertGrady
more room for a forza game over a gt game? are you sure about that? which game is more popular?

theIMP2933d ago

I thought popularity=/= good. What about all that Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber bullshit ya'll post every time a 360 game sells well, or COD. I swear to god ya'll flip flop more than the foot wear. I hate the hypocrites on this site.

IRetrouk2933d ago

to be honest its a fact that gt is more popular than forza, as for 360 games selling well, i want them to, im one of the ones calling for more exclusives from micro, but because i like gt more than forza and dont like kinect im a sony fanboy, get over yourself, didnt see you calling out the 360 fanboy that i replied to, regardles game is a day one buy for me, same as every other forza, do yourself a favour and look at someones profile before calling them this or that.

samuraiX2933d ago

PM me when forza has no permanent driving aid, and you can actually control your cars (when it stops being an arcade game)

so Forza sale numbers are not shipped and GT5 sales numbers are shipped? lol

fanbot logic.

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