CVG: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - A New Approach for the Wii?

As great as Twilight Princess was, it was arguably the GameCube's last Zelda title, and not the Wii's first.

Four years after the console's launch, people are still waiting for a Zelda game designed, from the ground up, for Wii.

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Mac is OK2838d ago

"This will be the first Zelda title to feature a Super Mario Galaxy-style orchestral score"
Finally! This franchise deserves it.

pcz2838d ago

cvg must be scraping the hits barrel, making something out of nothing here. no new info, no new pics. nothing. pointless

tunaks12838d ago

that was kinda pointless, nothing new, no new insights, did I miss something in the article?

AWBrawler2838d ago

well details are scarce now, but from what I read, I imagine it will have some elements from Monster Hunter (Dash and use potion in real time) Which IMO is a step in the right direction