Looking forward to Dragon Age 2

One year ago today, The Goozex Report published an article on Dragon Age: Origins and how that game is now the Crown Jewel of the genre. If you loved Origins, then it's a no-brainer to pre-order Dragon Age 2 today. This article contains the details on the pre-order special along with the original article.

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LeGenDx2891d ago

hell yeah! dragon age owns, imma get this for pc though. :)

Stealth20k2891d ago

If you mean the wrpg genre then maybe, but rpgs in general there are alot more fun games

danmachine2891d ago

i'm waiting for The elder scroll V: skyrim. it takes priority over every other game this year.

its the only game worthy of taking my game of the decade from oblivion. :)

TheColbertinator2891d ago

What a useless article.Apart from obvious advertising,it just states what was so great about Dragon Age 1.

JimmyJames702890d ago

Ah. You hurt my feelings. Yeah, there are some ads for the game in the article, but really, I was paying homage to what I thought is an incredible game.

Neckbear2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

...Am I the only one that dislikes most of the changes made from DA:O to DA2? Mainly the voiced character.

hano2890d ago

Nah, you're not the only one.

But also the removal of the Isometric view for the PC version, it seems the focus is more to provide a similar experience for the 3 platforms.

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