The Cost of Control: Why the Hell Are Video-Game Controllers So Expensive?

Do controllers with motion control and wireless connectivity warrant a $50-$60 price tag? Bitmob doesn't think so -- and they are sure your wallet doesn't either.

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darthv722890d ago

being a gamer was cheap. It comes with the territory.

Lazyeye792890d ago

That's true, but if Sony has the ability to lower the price of the console some $200, then I'm pretty sure they can lower the price of a controller by $10 or $15.

I have an original SIXAXIS controller and would like to upgrade it (mostly because the Joysticks are sticking) but when it comes down to it, I would rather have another game, and as I'm between jobs getting the money for either is a luxury.

Echo3072890d ago

It's not that bad. Sure, MSRP is high but you can find them for much cheaper.

Last time I was on Amazon they had the black 360 controller for $28 and the black DS3's for $43.

Besides, how often do you have to replace a controller? Once every couple of years?

killcycle2890d ago

Well I required 4 to play games with the family and almost paid £35 x4 for 4 Dual shock 3's.

Thats £140 for 4 god damn pads.
I just brought some Wired-usb pc pads instead which work fine.

good someone brought an article like this on n4g.
It does require some attention.

Dac2u2890d ago

I bought my PS3 when it was $400 in the US, I also bought LBP + two DS3s with it to play with my family. I had a bit of buyers remorse that day. I'm happy I own the PS3, but damn, that was a lot of cash to blow in one day. Back then, it was over $120 after tax to buy a couple controllers. That's just too expensive, especially with how much you're spending on the console.

Zimmerman2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Prices are probably set so high because they KNOW a person will purchase a controller based on need, not on price.

Once you have the console and a multi-player game, they have you already.

thats_just_prime2890d ago

Darth your right but why did the offical controller jump up in price so much this gen ? Why can you buy the unoffical controllers for 15-20 dollars less ?

darthv722890d ago

it has always been like this. They can get away with the being priced like that because they are "official".

Sometimes you will find better ones from 3rd parties for the same price or cheaper. Be careful though as if something goes wrong from using a 3rd party device, support for the game/system tends to be voided.

espiritu6042890d ago

i bought the unoffical, it broke after a few months. Most unofifcial controllers dont last long, stick with official cuz they dont brake.

HolyOrangeCows2890d ago

So buy third party turds, instead.

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Kon2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I would find rather strange if the controllers were cheap.

nevin12890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

But it is ridiculous that Sony charges $54.99 for a DS3. especially given that Sony being using the same controller since day 1.( Best controller design despite L2/R2)

Maybe it covers the fees that Sony had to pay that rumble company.

Sony should of had priced the Move better. $100 is ridiculous.

-Alpha2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

The Move isn't $100. It's about $80. It depends on how you buy it depending on what you already own, actually. For example you don't need the nav and you may already have the cam so then it'd only be $50 for the Wand.

I think they are expensive to simply cover costs, and simply because controllers are something you always use, so they know they can charge so much for it because it's THE tool to play your games. You have no other choice outside 3rd party controls. It's not like you buy controllers everyday so perhaps they need to compensate?

Also, I don't think the fact that Sony has had the same controller for 3 generations has any relation to its cost.

Echo3072890d ago

Less if you already have a camera. With all the demos on the Store, you could try the Move for only $50.

Although, if you want the full experience, you're looking at around $180 if you don't already have a camera.

MintBerryCrunch2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

where did you get $180?

the bundle itself is $100, with the PS Eye, Move and game...the only thing missing is the Nav controller, but there arent that many games that utilize it yet, and you have the convenience of using your DS3 for movement if you are on a tight budget

if you are talking about having 2 sets, then i understand the $180 you would need to invest

Nate-Dog2890d ago

I've always wondered myself why controllers are always so expensive. I can understand it at console launch and for a while after that but for example with the PS3 controllers are still €50/€60 now and I never understood how companies can expect people to still pay that amount so many years later. My current two controllers are in pieces (literally, although 1 is still usable) but buying a brand new game here is cheaper than getting the controller so you have to just get on with it and the awkwardness of it while you can.

killcycle2890d ago

My theory is that they know you require it and WILL buy one if your original breaks no matter the cost.

Where as if a game is too expensive you could jsut go and buy something else.

nevin12890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

@ Zimmerman
Arent offline multiplayer games dying?

@ Alpha Male
Im sure the majority of PS3 owners don't have a PS Eye. This is a situation where Sony should of thought of having a deep install bas of Move users. I have no interest in Move but if it was $50-$60 i'll invest.

Edit @ AlphaMale

DS3 is just DS3/DS2 but with wireless, useless motion and stupid change to L2/R2) nothing more. It was no R&D here unless u count the "boomerang". Also DS2 controllers were $34.99 vs $54.99 for DS3. Thats a $20 increase and PS3 been out since 2006. What I find funny is the bundle where u get a DS3 and a greatest hits game for about the same price of a DS3 alone.

Echo3072890d ago

That's likely a promotion that comes out of the developers' pocket as well.

And regardless of whether or not you think motion is useless, it's still in there. Same with bluetooth. Those are two expensive pieces of technology that likely required their fair share of R&D and testing.

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